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  • For pet owners it is a persistent and annoying problem
  • I like Petgard because the block of soap doesn’t melt fast and lasts a while
  • If your dog’s scratching is letting you down, I recommend Petgard

    • by RiccaBookish


      As dogs become sociable and active you have to watch out for stubborn ticks. For pet owners it is a persistent and annoying problem. I don’t really know how it started. I have a shaggy brown dog and to be sure that’s enough of a reason. Her abundant hair needs constant grooming too. The Petgard dog soap helps me to control the ticks, while taking care of my dog’s hygiene. Most soaps for dogs have this property that kills the ticks, and I’ve tried several dog shampoos, but they’re milder and less effective. I want soap that’s more potent and not just fancy bubbles.

      At first I wasn’t satisfied

      because it didn’t seem to kill the ticks. But I was doing it the wrong way. When I gave my dog a shower I would lather her with Petgard, let it stay for 5 minutes, as instructed, rinse and then use another dog shampoo to condition and take care of her fur. It didn’t do so well to get rid of the ticks, because I still see them afterwards. When I ran out of the dog shampoo, and just lathered her with Petgard alone, that seemed to do the trick. There’s something about the smell of Petgard that lingers on her fur and this helps to prolong the effect. The ticks remain stunned and are easily swept by a dog comb. The fancy-smelling dog shampoo was cancelling out the effect if I have to wash her a second time, which was unnecessary. The dog soap was all I needed.

      I can tell that my dog wasn’t keen on the smell of the soap plus the fact alone that she had to stay lathered up in it for at least 5 minutes. She couldn’t stay still without shaking it off, and I try to be gentle round her eyes and muzzle as the soap may sting a bit. While waiting, you really see it in action; the ticks are easy ...

      • Petgard (Cypermethrin) Dog Soap
      to extract (I can’t help it), but you need to give it time to annihilate them. The soap rinses very easily and leaves her clean, if not squeaky.

      The drawback is that the soap tends to dry her fur. Her hair comes out limp and dull. I just brush ‘em up periodically to keep her hair tidy and shiny, because they gather into clumps like a poodle (she’s half a poodle). But until I come across a product that can kill ticks while conditioning her hair I have to sacrifice her hair a bit if I really want her tick-free. So far I don’t see any signs of irritation on

      her skin, and she’s not the type to shed an awful amount of hair.

      I like Petgard because the block of soap doesn’t melt fast and lasts a while. It also lathers quickly. If I switch to another soap her ticks are likely to come back. If your dog is very sensitive however the active ingredient plus the chemical scent may be causes for concern. It has “cypermethrin” which is a chemical similar to shampoo treatments used for human lice. It’s also advisable to have your pet’s hair trimmed every now and then to prevent future infestations. It costs 100 php. If your dog’s scratching is letting you down, I recommend Petgard.

kc says :

Is it safe for 2 1/2 month puppy??
carmie26 says :

Hi KC,

If your puppy is suffering from ticks, mites, lice, etc. you can definitely use the product but ensure that you don’t put too much product on your pet animal. This Petgard soap contains cypermethrin which is effective in treating parasites but taking more than the prescribed amount could cause toxic and endanger your animal. You may want try Petgard shampoo and conditioner for dogs which is has a tear-less formula, very mild and low sudsing.
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