Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (TV Series) - The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love (Episode)
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  • I enjoyed the scene where, again, come morning, Usagi panics because she's late for school and the reaction from her parents, especially her dad who watches her scramble on by in a great hurry while staring with a piece of toast in his mouth

    • by CirclingCanvas


      “The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love” is the third episode of the Sailor Moon series. Jadeite is continuing his mission to collect human energy to deliver to the Dark Kingdom’s great ruler, who can only be awakened either by the Legendary Silver Crystal, which the Kingdom has yet to be able to locate, or by providing enough human energy as a source of power. He discovers that the desire for love in the hearts of young girls stands to be a very easy target to harvest energy from, and so he devises a late-night radio program which reads love letters over the air, submitted by young girls and women in search of love. The program quickly attracts the attention of the girls and women in the city, but as the radio program grows in popularity, as does a sleeping sickness that plunges those that had their letters read on the air and received a flower brooch in return for their letters into a state of perpetual sleep that they cannot be awoken from.

      Unbeknownst to them, it’s the flower brooches that are draining their energy to the point where they no longer have enough energy to even stay awake. It’s a decent enough plot

      that held my attention throughout the episode and the episode never really disappoints, except maybe near the end of the story.

      Jadeite’s Japanese voice actor deserves a great deal of credit for his performance in this episode. He himself hosts the late night radio program while his monster attends to the creation of the energy-draining flower brooches. While doing the radio program, his voice is soft, warm and dreamy, just the ideal voice one would expect from a person doing a late night radio program that revolves around reading listeners’ love letters over the air. Jadeite is given a slightly bigger role in this episode than usual, and he appears throughout the story, up until almost the very end, where he and Sailor Moon meet for the first time. He appears menacing, confident and in control, all marks of a good, compelling villain, especially after he easily stops Sailor Moon’s powerful Moon Tiara attack, which has already killed off three of his monsters. Jadeite is unfazed though when she tries to attack him with it, and the animators do a good job of convey sincere fear across Sailor Moon’s face as Jadeite is approaching her after her tiara attack failed and physically attacking failed too.

      The confrontation gives off

      a feeling of tension and dread and is the high point of an already strong episode, at least until Jadeite is scared away by a single rose thrown by Tuxedo Mask who doesn’t even reveal himself until after Jadeite retreats. The scene loses part of its impact when Jadeite decides to leave even though he was close to finishing off Sailor Moon. Maybe he felt it was best to retreat since he didn’t know who tosses that rose and who he might be going up against, and perhaps he believed staying was too risky for himself as he no longer had complete control over the situation due to not knowing who dared challenge him, but it seemed to me that he was scared off a bit too easily for a villain of his strength and confidence. The episode also leaves me wondering just how Jadeite was able to take over the radio station to broadcast Midnight Zero for several nights in a row and yet as a scene in the story reveals, the station manager or program director and others can’t understand why they are receiving letters from listeners for a program that they don’t even broadcast. Did the station manager or program director not tune in ...

      • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (TV Series) - The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love (Episode)
      once at midnight to hear if, in fact, this Midnight Zero radio program was broadcasting in place of the scheduled radio program? Fortunately, neither of these issues are significant enough to majorly impact my enjoyment of this episode.

      Part of what makes Sailor Moon entertaining to watch is the humor and this episode again delivers in that area. I enjoyed the scene where, again, come morning, Usagi panics because she’s late for school and the reaction from her parents, especially her dad who watches her scramble on by in a great hurry while staring with a piece of toast in his mouth. I also found the scene where Luna gives Usagi a new item, a disguise pen, in order to sneak by the guard at the radio station, and Usagi uses the pen’s power to disguise herself as a radio broadcaster, and as she begins walking off in her high heels in a professional manner, Luna starts to think how she might actually pull this off, only to watch Usagi suddenly trip due and fall over due to not being accustomed to wearing high heels to be a particularly memorable scene, in part because of Luna’s hilarious reaction afterward, which was a “just as I thought…” reaction. Another

      humorous aspect of the story occurs when Usagi, as Sailor Moon, is lecturing the monster and Jadeite over how trampling on the innocent hearts of young girls in love is crossing the line and adds that this isn’t a crosswalk, which causes Luna to do an embarrassed anime sweatdrop and remarking how she should have just left that part out, leaving Sailor Moon a bit embarrassed too over that line.

      I definitely liked this episode and enjoyed the theme of a late night talk show host reading the love letters of listeners of the air. There are a lot of comedic moments, the encounter between Sailor Moon and Jadeite has a good degree of tension up to a certain point and the episode ends on a particularly funny note with Usagi chasing her friend Naru around the classroom because Naru stole Usagi’s love letter she was writing to Tuxedo Mask, and then Usagi’s teacher, Ms. Haruna eagerly and excitedly joins in the chase as she wants to read it too, having written a few love letters herself as of late. It’s a fun, entertaining episode worth checking out on Hulu or Viz’s Neon Alley, where it’s available streamed for free in its original, uncut and unedited Japanese form with English subtitles.

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