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  • I always considered Singer to be the best of the best
  • Well, unfortunately, that is no longer the case and I learned that the hard way
  • I mention this because I know when I read reviews I take 'user error' into consideration
  • I think I can safely say that in this instance, it is the machine
  • The bobbin case is the biggest issue with this machine, at least for me

    • by Shannon


      I am a professional seamstress. I have been sewing for probably 30 years. My mother owned a Singer. I learned on a Singer. I always considered Singer to be the best of the best. THE name in sewing. Well, unfortunately, that is no longer the case and I learned that the hard way.

      As I said, I am a seamstress. I work at a company that also embroiders so I also use the commercial embroidery machines. I mention this because I know when I read reviews I take ‘user error’ into consideration. I always wonder is it the operator of the machine or the machine?” I think I can safely say that in this instance, it is the machine. I questioned myself. I double checked myself, I looked up tutorials. Just to be sure, was I using the correct bobbin? Was I threading it correctly? Was the needle in correctly? Was it dull? Nope, it was none of any of that.

      I bought my Singer Futura about 9 years ago. This was apparently the year it was released. I saved a long time for this machine. I was SO excited and I took a

      number of things into consideration. You attach this machine to your computer allegedly giving you more machine for the money since you were not paying so much for the computer part of the machine. Yeah, well, that isn’t the case.

      I wasn’t expecting this machine to be up to commercial embroidery machine quality, but I wasn’t looking to do commercial grade embroidery. I didn’t need to make 150 of the same shirt with an elaborate patch on it. I wanted to be able to personalize things. Blankets, bags and the like. Just a name. That’s all. Maybe a shamrock.

      Since I do work where I do I am obviously experienced in hooping what needs to be embroidered. I am able to recognize and correct when a needle is dull or when a machine is threaded wrong.

      This machine never worked well. It never worked period. I embroidered a hand full of items. It broke CONSTANTLY. I can’t tell you how many times I had it in the shop. More than a dozen. Easily. I have been to three different repair shops. The final straw was when I brought it in to Gregor. He runs a Bernina sales and repair shop. Bernina is the GOlD STANDARD of sewing machines. It is the Swiss Watch of sewing machines. They are very, very, very expensive machines. Greggor worked IN the Bernina factory. He knows his stuff. He was recommended to me by the local quilt shop owner. He told me the machine was just garbage.

      Until that diagnosis I gave it the benefit of the doubt. At first wondering about the repair men. Maybe the repair man missed something. Maybe he wasn’t any good. But two repair men? Now a third is telling me this machine isn’t worth attempting to fix.

      Then thinking perhaps it really WAS me. I did research to make absolutely sure I wasn’t using the wrong bobbin or something obvious. Even my dad couldn’t figure it out. Then I began to think maybe I just got a lemon. It must surely be a fluke. I mean it is a SINGER. My mother STILL uses my GRANDMOTHER’S Singer.

      No, Gregor assured me, it is the machine and they are ALL like this. Singer is not the company it once was and I would do better to give ...

      • Singer Futura C-100 Home Sewing and Embroidery machine
      it up for dead.

      He repaired it for me anyhow. The same part again. The Bobbin case. I thought, ok. I won’t try to embroider with it, I will just sew with it. It sewed BEAUTIFULLY. Until it broke. I honestly started to cry. I had absolutely had it.

      The bobbin case is the biggest issue with this machine, at least for me. However, now it is also the stitches. It sews and then stops. Just stops. Or it won’t sew the stitch I have selected, it sews a different one. So it seems to be the electrical or computer controls.

      I am not one to give up. I have hot wired my washer to get a little longer out of it. If something can be fixed I at least TRY to fix it. Well, Congratulations Singer, you beat me.

      I have owned other sewing machines. I have owned $50.00 machines and $300.00 machines. At work I have a $1,500 Janome, a Kenmore, and a Bernina. I have a Sewing Pretty with Hello Kitty Janome machine from Target that sews circles around that SInger. It is hard not to since the Singer flat out does’t


      I have never ONCE had to have any one of any of the other machines repaired. Not even after all the abuse my machines at work get. I sew at home every single day. I make quilts for crying out loud. I sew things that really aren’t even supposed to be SEWN. Plastic and paper. I have repaired Jeep Wrangler canvas tops. Leather jackets etc. Not on the Singer machine though. Heck no! Hello Kitty can do it. Singer cannot. Cripes, Singer can’t sew a hem.

      I was so upset. This machine was almost a thousand dollars. I had waited so long to buy it and here it was a piece of garbage. It was a huge disappointment. It doesn’t just not embroider, it doesn’t even sew.

      I have talked people in line at the fabric store out of buying this machine. Anyone that asks my opinion on what machine they should buy gets this same story. Janome is my first choice of a machine,but bottom line, any machine but this one.

      It is sitting in my closet. I can’t even donate it with a good heart because some unwitting individual will end up with this curse.

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