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  • What's Shakin in Snowflake City is perhaps one of my favorite children's stories
  • Once my son understood the concept of the story, he enjoyed it even more and he often requests us to read it to him
  • Definitely check it out as a great family read

    • by Crystal


      What’s Shakin in Snowflake City is perhaps one of my favorite children’s stories. It was given to my son for his first Christmas by my great aunt and we read it all the time. Even though it is a book perfect for Christmas and winter, our family enjoys it year round. Once my son understood the concept of the story, he enjoyed it even more and he often requests us to read it to him. It is a short story that both adults and children can enjoy together.

      The idea of the story is about a snowman family that lives in a snow globe. It really brings the snow globe characters to life in a very humorous way. Think about when you shake a snow globe… you basically send the snow whipping and whirling

      around with no rhyme or reason and if the little “people” in the snow globes were real, they would feel like it just came out of nowhere.

      Throughout the story, the snow people are wondering where all these snowflakes are coming from. There world is generally calm until every so often they get these crazy storms. The snow children are the most relatable characters in the book because they remind us of our children. Children have the greatest imaginations and when they can’t figure something out, they imagine a world of their own. The authors gave these snow children such a human type aspect that you actually feel like you are reading about real children. They make up stories like a snow monster stomping around in the clouds causing all these snow flakes to fall down and such.

      Most of the story is based on the children trying to find out where these crazy storms are coming from. They cause their mother’s baking to swirl around and their father has trouble doing things to. It happens out of nowhere and no one can seem to figure it out.

      Regardless of where the storms are coming from, they all enjoy it. By the end of the story, the mother is laughing at the children because of such phenomenal stories they are coming up with. I can really relate to that because I see my toddler playing and I can see how he is imagining all these scenarios through his playtime imagination. So many moms and dads will be able to relate to this book. The parents basically explain to the ...

      • What's Shakin in Snowflake City Children's Book
      children that it doesn’t matter where these storms come from, as long as the flakes are coming down. Let’s face it, what makes a snowman happier than snow? Nothing. The mother just wonders “where in the world do you kids get this stuff?” Much like many mothers and fathers out there wonder where their own children come up with these things.

      In the very end, the father tells the children to “scurry inside, Santa’s coming tonight!” By then, the children are all quite and waiting for Santa. They never do find out where the storms are coming from, but the cutest part is how the illustrator shows the snow globe in Santa’s hands at the end of the story. The author states “not knowing their city’s not quite what it seems.”


      is just written and illustrated so well. The whole story rhymes which gives it that ever so upbeat rhythm to it. The pictures are humorous as well as the story like when they show the snowmen whipping about.

      This is a Hallmark Book and much easier to find around the holidays. If you look through 3rd party Amazon and Barnes and Noble sellers in the off season you might be able to find it anywhere between a few dollars to over 10 USD. If you stop by your local Hallmark store around the holidays they are sure to be in supply as well as some other snowmen stories since this book is part of an ongoing series. You can get it for 3.95 which is a steal! Definitely check it out as a great family read.

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