Vibram five fingers running shoes for long distance runners
  • However, they are the best shoes I have ever owned in my life

    • by Shannon


      These shoes may be…well, not so pretty. They may look a little strange, and they have certainly inspired unsolicited comments from complete strangers. People have stopped me in the store to ask about them. People have stopped me MID RUN to ask about them (um, did I not look busy? Did the sweat and ear phones not indicate I was doing something?) I call them my frog shoes. Or my toe shoes.

      However, they are the best shoes I have ever owned in my life. I can’t say enough about them.

      Previously I was very prone to blisters from sneakers. I had been professionally fit for running shoes by more than a few alleged “professionals” in shoe stores, the kind that specialize in running shoes such as Fit Niche. I had even been to a foot doctor. I still ended up with blisters. I don’t mean “getting used

      to new shoe blisters.” I mean huge ugly bleeding wounds on my feet. On the balls of my feet or on the arch of my foot. Blisters that made it difficult to walk and impossible to run for days, if not weeks. Not exactly condusive to training.

      My long time live in boyfriend has run 5 marathons and we have two close friends that are personal trainers and runners themselves so it isn’t as though I was without support or advice.

      I finally decided, once I saw these ugly creatures on someone’s feet, that maybe, just maybe, these were the answer. I am barefoot all the time. I kick off my shoes without even thinking about it. I am barefoot in the house, I do the elliptical barefoot and I do yoga…barefoot. At work I live in ballet flats. Even as a teenager I didn’t wear

      sneakers. Maybe my feet were just not used to typical sneakers.

      Let me tell you something. These were the miracle I was waiting for. I ran 3 miles, without walking, for the first time in my life the first day I got them. I have run 4 half marathons and one full marathon in them (13.1 miles and 26.2 miles.) I love them.

      I have owned two pair, but not because one pair wore out. My first pair was just a touch too big so I gave them to my son and got measured for my second pair, just a half size smaller.

      Which leads me to this bit of advice. Get fit for these shoes. My first pair I ordered online and they were just a bit too big, which makes a difference when you are buying something that is supposed to fit like a glove. Also,

      • Vibram five fingers running shoes for long distance runners
      these are in European Sizes which don’t perfectly convert from US sizes. Once you have been properly measured for these shoes go ahead and order them online if you like, but take the time to be fit the first time.

      I have done almost every training run and every race in them. There is a small hole in the fabric on the top of the shoe that in no way affects the performance. They have worn like iron. I have washed them in the washing machine several times (if you toss some Listerine in with them it kills the running funk!)

      Because there is no padding in these shoes there is nothing to break down or wear out.

      I have tried other ‘barefoot’ shoes but none have even come close to these beauties. New Balance is one brand I can think of off the top of my head.

      They are good shoes,all of them, and I can wear them to walk, and while out and about, but running in them is no where near as rewarding as in the five fingers. My feet know right away what I am trying to do and they don’t like it one bit.

      Face it, they are ugly, but if you are trying to look good while you are running 20 some odd miles you are doing something wrong.

      I can also mention here that my 5 time marathon running boyfriend has suffered countless running images. Usually suffered when his sneakers are getting old. A pair will last him one full training (20 weeks) and one marathon. That is pushing it. His feet and legs have come to rely on all that padding.

      I absolutely love these shoes. Love them and as with most everything else in life, given the right shoes you can do anything!

Trayon Thomas says :

Choosing a good pair of Running shoes is very essential to all the jogging I do. The Vibram five finger running shoes are definitely the shoes to buy. There so light and durable to take long jogs and to run. I truly believe whoever made these shoes are pure genius. I would wear these shoes everyday to run they are really worth purchasing.
Aftab Ahmad says :

re : However, they are the best shoes I have ever owned in my life
Very very interesting and strange product I also agreed I have never seen before. Its useful product which wears and experienced its better jobs.
I recommended peoples please try it and experiencing its benefits.
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