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  • I hadn’t really heard too much about this game, but saw a poster of it when I was at the game store and decided to play it and hope for the best

    • by Jake Mitchell

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      I’m a big fan of playing video games based on history so I recently took the plunge and played War Thunder on the PS4. I hadn’t really heard too much about this game, but saw a poster of it when I was at the game store and decided to play it and hope for the best. To my surprise, the game was actually quite fun and entertaining to play.

      In War Thunder, there are dozens if not hundreds of planes that engage in aerial combat, that replicate the fight for freedom that was fought for in the 1940s. The battles can become a bit confusing because of how many planes are on screen, but the intense and fast-paced settings actually seem quite fitting.

      There are two different types of combat in the game. You have the option to either take to the skies as a pilot or stay on the ground as an armored military vehicle. The matches in the game allows up to 32 players, which is a recipe for fast-paced, high intensity chaos. The types of

      matches that can be played involve missions such as obliterating enemy ground location through the air and securing control location points on the ground with your armored vehicles.

      For those seeking to gain control in the air, there are three settings to choose from. You can choose the first, which is in the Arcade Battle, then progress to the slightly more Realistic setting, while finally moving on the Simulator setting. Arcade is for the novice and offers handicaps like unlimited ammo in both the air and the ground. Realistic mode is more difficult but also more realistic in that you are much more prone to the actual physics of combat, much as you would be in real life. Finally, Simulator mode is by far the hardest one to master as it forces you to truly learn and master the laws and principals of physics and engineering.

      It’s not uncommon for most players to choose the Arcade setting as this allows the most unfocused freedom when wanting to simply shoot down as many other planes as possible. Because you have unlimited ammo, you are able to unleash bullet mayhem on all who come across you both in the skies and on the ground. This gives a much bigger adrenaline rush as opposed to focusing on how to actually master the flight of the plane, much so as you have to do in the other flight modes.

      For example, in both the Realistic and Simulator mode, you are more confined to the elemental laws of physics, thus causing you to approach every scenario with a more tactical strategy. This approach will clearly determine the novices from the experts, as you are required to have precise engineering while maintaining a strong offensive. Unlike the Arcade setting where you can unload bullets without thinking twice, in both the Realistic and Simulator mode, you only have a limited amount of bullets.

      This means you will have to line up your shots very carefully and only fire when you know your target is dead on. Both these settings are much more authentic which adds more depth and realism to the game. In ...

      • War Thunder on PS4
      these settings, you are much more able to realistically mimic WWII situations that actually occurred. For example, there are missions that replicate WWII scenarios such as the Battle of Britain, that when played in these two settings, allow for much better engagement in the game.

      The combat action perform while on the ground in the tanks is completely different that when in the air. This level of gameplay is much more monotonous, regardless of the difficulty setting you choose. The playing field is leveled for all tanks on all settings, as they all seem to zip around relatively in the same style and manner. There are only minor differences in speed and use of control such as when trying to pass over an incline. For the most part though, the feel of the tanks is the same for all difficulty levels. Furthermore, because all tanks come equipped with strong armor, you will have to develop some level of tactical strategy when it comes to exposing the weakness of your enemy tank. Mindless pounding and firing will get you

      nowhere fast, thus causing you to acquire smart firing positions.

      Something also worth mentioning is that the controls are very precise and comfortable when either in the air or on the ground. The PS4 controller feels quite crisp when performing all the necessary duties and is more than sufficient. Keep in mind though, that Simulator mode in the air will test your precision with the joystick. Just one slight mistake with the controls can cause a massive nose-dive into the ground.

      Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with War Thunder. I played this game not really knowing what to expect and as a result found it to be a breath of fresh air. There is an initial learning curve you will have to get down at first, but once you do, it’s quite riveting. This is one of those games where the more you play it, the more you’ll love it. Between the intense field combat, tremendous amount of airplanes soaring in the sky, as well as different settings and options to choose from, I give this game an 8 out of 10.

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