Targus TG-P60T DSLR Tripod
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  • The mount in fact isn't amazing, but it isn't awful either
  • If you are on a budget, consider this, but look around first before purchasing

    • by Gunnar Campbell

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      The Targus TG-P60T Tripod is a mid-level tripod. For round 60 dollars, this tripod is not a cheap tripod, but it is not a professional grade either. That being said, you can’t reasonably expect to get professional level results. But, that doesn’t mean that this tripod is useless. I actually purchased it form a Best Buy while on vacation after my other tripod broke, and it seemed like a suitable replacement. Let’s start from the bottom up.

      First, let me say that it comes in a nice carrying case. Not a selling point, but a nice addition.

      The tripod has three latches that are released to let the legs extend. These latches are extremely easy to lock and unlock, and the tripod can be fully extended in around 10 seconds.

      When fully extended, the tripod can reach 60 inches tall, which includes extending the central portion which contains the camera mount. Fully extended, the tripod is reasonably steady, with little amount of sway or wiggle. Moving up the legs of the tripods, we come to slide buttons that allow the legs to extend farther than the standard amount of degrees. The legs can extend much past 90 degrees, but the central leg that extends downwards limits how low the camera can go, but this is still a very useful function.

      Located near the top of the legs is a bubble level and a twisting knob that allows for tightening the central leg of the tripod. Again, the central leg is attached to the camera mount. This allows the camera

      to move up and down without extending the three legs of the tripod. This is again a very useful function. There is also hook at the end which can be detached, allowing the center leg to be pulled out and separated from the rest of the tripod. I have used this to fit this tripod into backpacks. I find this very useful. The bubble leveler works flawlessly as well.

      Moving farther up, we see a nearly identical setup: another bubble leveler and a twisting knob. This knob tighten and loosens the mounts horizontal movement. Again, the bubble leveler is again very good.

      Above this there is a circular knob that tightens or loosens the vertical movement. Another knob located opposite this can be loosened to adjust the position of the ...

      • Targus TG-P60T DSLR Tripod
      handle of the tripod. Both these knobs work well and when tighten fully are very sturdy.

      Even further up is the quick release mount. The quick release mount has a lever than can be pushed and the mount is released. The mount can be screwed into the camera. I personally keep it on permanently. there was a metallic tab that allowed for easy tightening to the camera, but it unfortunately fell off, as it was very high quality. The mount in fact isn’t amazing, but it isn’t awful either. It is quite wobbly, and when the camera is sitting in it, it tends to lean every so slightly one way. This can be corrected by lengthening one of the legs slightly, but it is a slight hassle. There is also

      a button that allows the mount to be released and the camera to be put vertical. I rarely use this, as it isn’t at all level. There is another knob which can be tightened to lock the mount which can correct this, but it is just so impractical I’d never use it.

      All in all, this mount, for 60-70ish dollars, is adequate. It does the job, but not exceptionally. I would look around first before settling on this. It has sufficed for me, simply because I have put up with its little quirks. If you have the the money, but something better and more expensive. If you are on a budget, consider this, but look around first before purchasing. Be smart and get the most bang for your buck.

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