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  • That comment didn't make any sense, I know it, but this album doesn't make any sense either

    • by Sami Oughanem


      I sat and listened to all of these tracks, all twelve of them. Almost fifty minutes of my life was put into this album just so I could write a review. I could have used these fifty minutes playing some Xbox 360 game, gaining achievement points. In these fifty minutes I could have maybe listened to one or two other albums, depending on the genres of course because we know most grindcore albums don’t last too long. All I want you people to know is I spent fifty minutes on this album. With that said let me clean up these dried up tears, I need to start writing about this album.

      For starters we have the Girlfriend, the first horrible single off this album. I can’t stand this stupid. Girlfriend, just listen to the song,

      you can tell an untalented individual wrote this song. Depending on how you look, choice two as we’ll say, you can tell an untalented individual stole the basic gist’s from another song. I would love to give you all the juicy details, but just incase Avril stumbles upon this page I better stay clear from giving further details. Let’s just say this song was a lot like another song, but Avril won because she has money and better lawyers, something this other band doesn’t have.

      This album didn’t get much better. I had to sit through soft songs that sounded like my unborn sister was signing them. That comment didn’t make any sense, I know it, but this album doesn’t make any sense either. There are so many times on this album that Mrs. Lavigne swears like a little punk rock princess. She is not punk face it Mtv and all those other dumbasses that think she saved punk. She didn’t save anything, Avril is a stupid, untalented female that got a record label because she sold out a few local shows in her home town. Oh yeah it helped that she dressed like a rebel and her looks would give the youngest guy a funny feeling in their pants. I can’t stand her and this album just makes me want to hate her any more. After five tracks I was so sick of her swearing, hell I was just sick of her voice in general.

      Too many of the songs off this album also sound the same, I shit you not. I didn’t know if this CD was defected ...

      • The Best Damn Thing, studio album by Avril Lavigne
      or if it got switched with an EP. God I wish it was an EP instead then I wouldn’t had to waste fifty minutes. Now whenever I look back at 2007 I have to think of this album. Why did you have to do this to me Sony, why? I just can’t take it any more, writing this makes me want to break this thing in half.

      Another thing you can know that you have a winner is whenever a song, that is suppose to be exclusive to a soundtrack, is put on the album. Thank you fans for buying that soundtrack for my exclusive song, now just pretend this didn’t happen and buy my album, you can get that song again. People buy movie soundtracks for one or two songs, most soundtracks suck. When

      an artist pulls shit like this you can tell they suck at life, they couldn’t spend more time to write one more song. I’m sure it doesn’t take Avril too long to write a song either.

      I can’t find anything good to say about the music on this album, 75% of the songs sound the same in some way, then the rest she copied off of other artists. Oh yeah guess what there is another case on another track on this album, Avril got out of the first lawsuit, but not she has another. Hot damn we got a winner here. Oh yeah let me also say that a lot of these shitty songs are not punk any more, sorry fans, you now have to deal with an edgy pop princess. GO POP PRINCESS GO.

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