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  • In this movie it didn't matter about ammo, I think somebody must have brought enough ammo for a small army

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Thank God somebody stopped this movie from coming out in theaters. Flight of the Living Dead is one of the worst zombie movies I’ve seen. I hated Zombie Honeymoon but Flight of the Living Dead makes that movie seem so much better, you’d forget that Zombie Honeymoon was considered a drama movie. Honestly why would you want to make a movie with zombies on a plane?

      The plot doesn’t even matter to tell the truth. Some mad scientist is on the run from the CIA so he took the plane from Los Angeles to Paris. His luggage is one coffin that contains an infected colleague with a modified virus. Of course a thunderstorm occurs and the infected person is out and everyone on the plane is in danger.

      Snakes on a Plane

      did this, but at least that movie had good actors, mainly Samuel L. Jackson, and the plot was much better. Flight of the Living Dead’s plot is terrible. This scientist is on the run but he has a guard watching the coffin. I guess if you are on the run you have a shit load of money to spend. Even though this bothered me the most here comes the worst part of the movie. This virus is comes from a new strain of the malaria virus. Malaria is caused by plasmodium, a protozoan parasite, which is not a virus. So in the real world there should be nothing wrong with anybody, zombies don’t exist in the movie.

      Flight of the Living Dead steals ideas from both Snakes on a Plane and the Resident Evil video games. This isn’t an original idea here, but they were original on how people got shot with guns. What do I mean by this? Whenever somebody gets shot there are computerized bullet holes on that person and they never want to stay with that person whenever they fall down or move. That is original, nice job with that one. Other parts are just as bad too, from the acting to more goofs.

      If zombies ever attack a plane don’t panic because all they do is jump out from a giant hole. Zombies have super strength, they have punch giant holes through thick steal. After that happens just stay away, these bastards jump as far as Michael Jordan. One second you are trying to save your loved one ...

      • Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane, zombie film by Scott Thomas
      and out of no where a zombie is flying through the plane.

      All this movie offer is blood, sometimes a large amount of his. There is no real gore in here. How is this aloud to have zombie in its name? Zombies eat people after they kill them, they don’t kill a person and then go after their next victim. That is called a serial killer, not a zombie. Oh yeah the people attacking the zombies aren’t any better, I counted three head shots. Any time they did a head shot it was an instant kill but I guess these people were too dumb to realize that. It must be so much better to waist ammo on zombies. In this movie it didn’t matter about ammo, I think somebody must have

      brought enough ammo for a small army. Thank Mister War Guy, I wish we got to see all the ammo you had, I’m sure the creators of this movie weren’t that dumb.

      Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane is as bad as the title. This movie has no originality, they copied off of a cult classic movie and video game series. Since they didn’t want to make it that obvious they threw in some goof ups, but in their minds it was awesome. Flight of the Living Dead didn’t get a chance to make it into theaters, whomever made that last minute decision should get a bonus. If you like zombie movies then stay away from this, all I wanted to do after this movie was pound my head off a wall.

Trayon Thomas says :

This is a great movie and it very crazy and real scary. These zombies wont stop at nothing to kill everyone in this film. This should be rated the best film of the year. I am a scary movie person and I enjoyed this movie.This films director is a genius for creating such a great thriller film will full of suspense and horror.

Danny says :

Quite an interesting take on a movie that most would label a bad film. I hope your review is honest. oh well, all in good fun I guess.

Andrew Leaither says :

Flight of the Living Dead seems like an interesting movie. I love zombie movies, but some of them are just mock ups from other movies and the directors think they going to make millions. One needs to consider uniqueness in a movie, a story to tell and characters that are strong, powerful. You also need “dead characters” that are weak to give the movie something more and substance. I think on reading your review I will take a look at it and see for myself.

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