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  • Then when you get into the different options you have to use the d-pad to move through the screens (I think it is the d-pad, again it is overwhelming)
  • I love the fact that they did their best to get the PC version on a console but there wasn't another way to do this
  • It seems like that would have been a real cool concept but finding those items for the church is more important since you get experience and gold
  • I know there are two paths to choose from and out of the six characters to pick from the start you at one of those paths right away
  • This was the same problem with the first Sacred too

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Sacred 2 plays just like Diablo. For a game that looks like it should be played on the PC only it works real well on the Playstation 3. Ascaron Entertainment took everything from the PC version and made sure it got into the console version. I am really glad Ascaron went with this approach but do you know how much is in this game?

      Maybe Ascaron Entertainment could have made things easier. You’ll have to hold down one of the triggers while you use a thumbstick to select what you want to do. Battling is easy since you hit one of the four main buttons, but going through all of the different options is a pain. The reason I am not telling you what button to hit is because I forget sometimes. You are telling me there was no better way to do this?

      Then when you get into the different options you have to use the d-pad to move through the screens (I think it is the d-pad, again it is overwhelming). Usually in games you will have to use the triggers to switch the screens but Sacred 2 does it differently? I love the fact that they did their best to get the PC version on a console but there wasn’t another way to do this?

      I also really dislike how the quests are done. The actual quests themselves are fine, nice arrange from

      finding children, going to find treasure in caves, and killing a certain monster. That isn’t my main gripe. My main gripe is these quests take away from the main quest. What is the main quest? I have no idea!

      You are too busy running around finding these quests to pick up that you don’t know what is going on in the game. Almost like the controls I was clueless with this part of the game. There are just so many quests to pick up and they just have you running around here and there. Why couldn’t some of these quests tie into the main one? It seems like that would have been a real cool concept but finding those items for the church is more important since you get experience and gold. Screw you main storyline in Sacred 2.

      Really I am not being funny. I can’t possibly remember what this game is about. I know there are two paths to choose from and out of the six characters to pick from the start you at one of those paths right away. This was the same problem with the first Sacred too. The main story is put on the back burner right away and that is why Sacred will never take down the real action role playing game champion, Diablo.

      There are six characters to choose from - the Seraphim, Dryad, Shadow Warrior, Inquisitor, High Elf, and the Temple Guardian. Each of the characters has their own skills and strengths. In reality you can equipment almost anything with the characters, just one or two weapons and armor and unique to that class. It gives you a wide range of things to do with your characters. Early on you might want to make your magic users warrior based since the game is hard to start out, but you can switch to something else without problems. The flexibility you have with this game is enjoyable.

      The graphics are comparable to Diablo 2, which was released how many years ago? I don’t mind how things look but let’s be honest. There should have been some improvement with the graphics and before anyone says it the close-up graphics are not an improvement for the genre. This camera angle with the game will show the clipping while close to objects, the lack of details in certain creatures, and…and just a look back at games 10 years ago.

      Sacred 2’s mini map at the top right of the screen is a good idea gone badly. There are small silver arrows that tell you where to go for your quests and then small ass silver circles. I wear glasses and they are pretty strong and I still have a hard time seeing these. I am constantly hitting the select button to see where to go for my quests. At ...

      • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for PS3
      no point in the game is this mini map helpful. It would be so much better if you could turn this map off.

      Character voices are not all there. Some of the voices sound like they were either forced to do these lines or they wanted to get their money and leave. And those sound effects…at times they sound out of place real bad. I’ll be fighting and my quest partner will make these noises that sound deranged and pathetic.

      Oh and the games music. I really enjoy Blind Guardian and when I saw their name on the case I got a smile. A power metal band doing music for an RPG, it makes sense. Well when the game starts you see a black screen with white lettering that reads PRESS START. No epic music. So I hit start and did my thing and nothing. Only at a few points in the game did I hear some good music. I was expecting to hear some bitchin’ Blind Guardian tones the whole time. What we get are some tunes here and there and then a few solid points. Can you sense how I am upset?

      Guess what though the online play is awesome. Either make a game and have friends join or make an open world where anyone can join (you can get lucky still, trust me). The first Sacred game had a ton of crashing issues and

      it looks like Sacred 2 on the PS3 has no crashing issues (I’ve heard there are problems with the PC version of the game). Once you get in a game put on your headset and enjoy the game. There is a reason why I am writing this review now, I still enjoy this game.

      Rating Breakdown

      Gameplay: 8 out of 10

      + It plays just like the great Diablo and it is on consoles!

      - It would have been nice if the controls were tweaked just a bit.

      Story: 6 out of 10

      + Sacred 2 has a story, but some of the quest stories are much more memorable.

      - I know the game has a story but what is it?

      Graphics: 8 out of 10

      + Ten years ago these sorts of graphics were great and honestly they still are decent looking.

      - The close-up camera angle is really bad and it shows how old the game is.

      Audio: 6 out of 10

      + When Blind Guardian is at their best in the game Sacred 2 shines.

      - Sound effects are sort of weak, same with some of the spoken dialogue.

      Replay Value: 10 out of 10

      + This game is still a lot of fun to play especially with friends online.

      - Nothing.

Andy K says :

Before I putting 60 hours into this game, I think I should warn people about what happened to me, so that they don’t make the same frustrating mistake that I did. I wouldn’t say that it was technically a glitch, and something of the same nature happened to me when I was playing Skyrim, but all the same, it still makes you want to rip your hair out.
I’m one of those people that like to explore alot, and I don’t usually do that many quests until I’ve been to almost every major area on the map. To make a long story short, Around level 48, and a substantial amount into the main questline, I came across the Lost kingdom quest (a place that I had already discovered early in the game). This quest required that I activate this pillar inside a dungeon, after defeating some huge flying demon. The problem is that I had already activated it earlier in the game, and this time around, it apparently couldn’t be activated again, and the only way to move ahead in the quest was to do something to this pillar, and it wouldn’t register because I had already messed with it earlier. So…being that this was the main questline, I had to restart the game after playing for more than 60 hours. It is really irritating when this happens in games (Skyrim as well). If games are going to stiff you like that, then you should only be able to take one quest at a time, or not be able to activate things that are only meant for the story. Anyway..this time around, I am not messing with anything outside of quests, except for chests. My only other complaints is that I wish this game would of offered some kind of monster bestiary. A game with this many different kinds of enemies would be much better with some kind of descriptive lore about each enemy, along with artwork of the enemy or even the way they actually look in the game. Clicking the left stick when your fighting allows for some statistics of the current enemy, but it’s kind of hard to look at when your you’re getting mobbed by 15 enemies. You can also look at the stats of the last 3 enemies in the menu, but it’s not very in depth. A bestiary is a very good idea, especially for people that like to get more involved in the game.
For anyone buying this game, I recommend that you read the full tutorial located in the quest menu. That is also where you will find all the books you’ve collected.

For the good things about this game, I could probably talk for an hour straight. I have never played Diablo, but I don’t imagine that it’s as in depth in character customization as Sacred 2 is, because this game is so massive on the numbers scale that I just don’t see many games beating it. The thought that went into the character detailing is just amazing. So many different types of weapons and armor I can’t get over the numbers. I was really starting to get some good loot when I had my chance to find valuables up to 28%. And if you don’t die, then you get a survival bonus. Just look on your Overview menu. That can be really frustrating when you look at your bonus, and it’s up to around 30 or 40%, and you die not even 5 minutes later. Sometimes when you’re getting attacked by 10 enemies at once, your health just goes down in what seems like a split second, so stay away from big mobs if your trying to stay alive.
This is the best looting game that I have ever played, and it stomps Elderscrolls into the dust. Weapons and armor have originality in this game, and the graphics are also very original. This is a very good game, and if anyone likes RPG type games where you can kill and get loot and explore hidden areas, then you better not pass this up. And in response to someone saying this is a linear game: No, you can’t cut straight across the map, and yes, you are more imbedded into your surroundings, but I think I like that alot more because that means that the map is set up for the player, and when I do get to where I am going, I feel more accomplishment.
Linear though: this game is not
If you could cut straight across the map (disregarding mountains and cities), then it would probably still take you longer then it would in Skyrim. I’m not saying you cannot cut across, because there are plenty of places to cut through, where you are not on any specific path, but some trails or mountainsides you have to follow if you want to get to where you are going. There is alot of different places to discover, and even the side islands have expansive dungeons with lava, dragons, fire demons, and a purpose If you sit there and played through the disgustingly boring (generated) side quests from Skyrim (you know, the Dark brotherhood missions that keep telling you to do the same things over and over again, and then all the sudden stop for no reason) then you don’t have to worry, because Sacred 2 seems like it’s got pretty much everything planned out, and you will feel more purpose for doing things. I don’t know about anyone else, but playing Skyrim gave me no accomplishment or intrigue, and with this game, I get that. Just don’t pass this up. This is an awesome game.
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