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  • At first I thought the movie was so poorly done that the writer had no idea how to write a film

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Direct to video horror movies tend to get crap now-a-days. There is a good reason for that. The film either follows the same foot steps as every other PG-13 rated horror film or it copies off of an original way too much. Amusement falls in both of these categories and that is surely not a good thing when it comes to the blu-ray release.

      Amusement feels a lot like an episode of Masters of Horror. It feels too much like a few of the episodes that I would encourage all of the creatures of the episodes to watch this movie. Most of anything in this movie feels like it was directly taken from the past few years or horror films, most notable direct to video ones. Two huge categories Amusement copied off of, is there

      anything good about this release?

      No. The movie takes three stories, each ranging in twenty minutes, and tries to make sense of everything. I didn’t realize until the third story that this was going on. At first I thought the movie was so poorly done that the writer had no idea how to write a film. What is sad is there is never any real moment where you know the stories change. You either figure it out or learn from reading a review. Poorly done.

      It is stressful to watch this movement unfold. The acting from every point of view is beyond forgiving. In our one story we have a twenty something babysitter that is getting ready to take off her pants, hoping to reveal some nice panties. The real horror of the film is revealed as we see the biggest pair of grandma panties. This is far more frighten than anything in the entire film.

      In each of the stories you have one main thing in common. A girl gets kidnapped and without ruining anything the ending tries to make sense, as I said before. Throughout these stories we get a glimpse at some gore, most of which can actually be seen on the films web site or numerous horror movie magazines. Yes Amusement has all of its secrets revealed so instead of watching this you can see all of the gore. What were they thinking?

      The film has our women at the end of the film run through traps, most of which seem like rip offs from the Saw series. All of the hateful comments you have had from ...

      • Amusement, horror film by John Simpson
      the Saw series will be taken back after Amusement. A junior high student could think of something better, its sad to see that a wanna-be horror writer got his film made and John Smith has to continue to write his ideas during Civics Class.

      As much as I hate to say it the transfer on blu-ray is real nice. As corny as the movie may be, all of the levels of black show no sign of graininess. The few and pride moments of gore in the film shine with the vibrant red colors. Even though some of the films locations are pretty bad they still look good in high definition.

      The audio is on the right track as well. The films score sounds real well. In surround sound the few screams and startling moments are crystal

      clear. I would have rather seen a better choice in sound and music, but you can’t complain with the job they did on the blu-ray release.

      There are no extras at all on this release. Once you put this bad boy on it will start right up, no trailers or any real bull shit. All you can do here is pick the chapter you want. Thankfully if you enjoy the movie you can use the digital copy at your leisure.

      For a direct to video release Amusement is pretty tame. I would have expected more from a movie that got so much hype around the Internet, but again that could have been some pretty good marketing from New Line Home Video. It would be very smart to rent this one first before buying, trust me.

Andrew Leaither says :

I am not familiar with the director or the movie, Amusement, but it’s great and got a lot of appeal. You did nice review so I am able to think more clearly and rationally if I wish to see the movie and I do it’s great
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