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  • Some how Adam Rifkin did manage to get a lot of “I know you” stars in his movie

    • by Sami Oughanem


      A movie so bad they decided to call it something completely different when it was released on video. Stoned Age is the comedy to bear the National Lampoon name. At one time this name met something but now you can see why the National Lampoon series is dreaded by millions.

      Prehistoric time, what better time frame for a comedy? Ishbo (Adam Rifkin) is a normal guy who doesn’t follow the caveman way. Instead of clubbing women he would rather blurt out ideas and inventions. When the love of his life Fardart (Ali Larter) agrees to marry Ishbo’s brother Thudnik (Hayes MacArthur) things start to get out of hand for everyone.

      The plot of the movie really isn’t all there. What I described is the first ten or so minutes of the film. After that Stoned

      Age is going this way and that way. It makes no sense. This movie has no plot at all. I have no idea why the people at National Lampoon thought this was funny. At no time is this movie similar to older Lampoon films. If you compare this to the modern movies then this one does stand out, just a tiny bit.

      Most of the humor you see in this film is child like and plain old retarded. I really question if Adam Rifkin is retarded himself honestly. He has written a movie so stupid it made me feel a little dumber when the credits finally rolled. I don’t know if the jig of the movie was to make fun of prehistoric times or not. It makes no sense.

      One minute the movie is trying to be a slapstick comedy. Then out of the blue it feels like this is trying to be a comedy that has been in the making for billions of years. It really bothered me how Rifkin’s character wore modern day glasses the entire time. Not only that all of the naked women had fake breasts and target tattoos above their asses.

      Along with all of that Rifkin added in obvious humor. This is a comedy with cavemen where one of them is real smart. Of course when that smart caveman brings anything up all of the others will give him a hard time. This kind of humor has been done so many times. It boggles my mind that Rifkin didn’t get served with some papers with his humor, it is not original at all.

      Some ...

      • National Lampoon's Stoned Age Unrated, comedy film
      how Adam Rifkin did manage to get a lot of “I know you” stars in his movie. Porn legend Ron Jeremy has a minor role while Heroes star Ali Larter has a bigger one. Both Gary Busey and David Carradine have minor roles too, but none of this really matters because Rifkin seems to be a camera whore in his own movie. Everyone in this film is just sort of there. Without them it would have been a one man show, but to tell the truth it does feel like a one man show with all these actors.

      If you can get past the film then you are in for a real treat with the extras. There are plenty of features that contain loads of nudity. The unrated version of the film alone has enough

      boobs to make a teenage boy run for a pillow. Two of the biggest note worthy tit extras are the Penthouse Photo Shoot and the Unrated Caveman music video. Both of these will get your blood pumping.

      The rest of the extras are not really great. Most of them just contain reasons to show off female nudity and bad humor. There is a Q&A featurette that lasts a good 15 minutes, but after three minutes I was really bored. Stoned Age is not rolling around in good bonus content.

      Stoned Age is what you would expect from NL. It is a bad comedy movie that has loads of tits and ass. If that is your thing then rent Stoned Age. Make sure to keep this one to a rental, if you need more nudity then browse the Internet.

Andrew Leither says :

I always wonder how directors can make movies that are so bad and it still gets released into the movie business I like the review and don’t think I will waste my time with this movie but enjoyed the humor in it and strange, interesting characters.
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