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  • Traitor is not really the best choice when it comes to blu-ray

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Traitor came out and was hoping to bank off of the success of other films. It didn’t work too well but can the video release at least shed some life on Don Cheadle’s action movie?

      Samir Horn (Don Cheadle) sells weapons to terrorists. When a sale in Yemin goes wrong Samir ends up in prison, thanks to some American troops. During his stay in prison Samir makes friends with an extremist named Omar (Said Taghmaoui). The two men are rescued and now Samir is helping Omar in a huge bombing plan in the United States.

      During this time, Samir has attracted the attention of FBI agent Roy Clayton (Guy Pearce). Clayton knows a thing or two about these things because of his time being raised

      in the South. What Clayton doesn’t know is all of the facts that Samir knows.

      Throughout the film you have to ask yourself who side you are on. It might sound easy enough but it really isn’t. Traitor tests you during the entire movie; you really need to pay attention if you want to get the most out of the film.

      That is my biggest problem though. If you don’t pay attention during the entire movie you will be lost. That means you can leave the room for any reason or decide to watch the movie in two sittings. Traitor sometimes fails to actually be a real movie, in sense. Word after word we are treated to some of the most confusing dialogue.


      nice thing is the movie doesn’t really preach the right (or wrong) answer. Whenever movies step into the politic zone they tend to shove their answer down your throat. I was glad to see that this wasn’t done in Traitor, if it was then I didn’t realize it.

      Traitor is not really the best choice when it comes to blu-ray. A lot of action films have beautiful scenes that show off this technology, Traitor just sort of there with a few high moments. Whenever these sequences occur there is a noticeable grain on the screen. The same goes for the entire film. Most of the time though the movie shows its DVD roots during action packed scenes.

      The audio is at least better. Spoken parts,

      • Traitor, spy thriller film
      which is most of the movie, seems to be louder than everything. Action sequences just seem to be turned down for no reason. It is like somebody taking your remote control and turning the volume down just a little. This really puzzles me…

      Thankfully the first printing of Traitor comes with a digital copy. The first disc contains a few extras but only one of them stands out. Commentary by director Jeffrey Nachmanoff and actor Don Cheadle is the only real piece of extra-ness that is neat. They are not the best at doing commentary, but it sure beats the featurette on the exotic locations for the film. Most of these extras fails to really shine any light on the film, it is a

      real shame.

      If all else fails you have a second disc that features a digital copy of the entire film. It’s sad to say but the digital copy looks almost as good as the blu-ray, the sound quite honestly might be up to par with the blu-ray.

      Traitor isn’t the sort of movie you are going to beat yourself up because you missed it in theaters. At best Traitor is a bland movie that you may watch once in a blue moon. It could have been much better, even the extras on the blu-ray show that, mainly since there are not a whole lot of extras. This movie is best kept on DVD, the blu-ray version is only worth while if you find a good deal.

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