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  • Hollenbeck Middle School sits just behind Theodore Roosevelt High School located on Matthews St. Two quite largely built schools with a great academic experience and opportunity
  • I never forgot, just thought I'd save the best for last
  • All their dishes are good, not quite healthy to be exact but one large burrito can be shared by a party of two in my opinion
  • Unfortunately he caught wind of it and figure us out and came to the door to tell our mothers

    • by Erik Rodriguez


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      Boyle Heights rests dormant between two major cross streets Cesar Chavez Ave. (formerly Brooklyn Ave) and Soto St. in the East of Los Angeles area. Whether you’re looking to visit, move into the area, or learn more about it. You will learn here everything you will need to know to answer your questions.

      Boyle Heights is broken in sections claimed by a broad number of street gangs which are both active and inactive. This information is vital if you’re looking to move in or visit family. Whatever the case might be, active areas to take caution, are:

      -Boulder St. & Fermont st.

      -Saratoga St. & Michigan Ave.

      -Breed St. (from Cesar Chavez to 6th St).

      -Ramona Gardens (Hazard St. area).

      -Wabash Park.

      -Fourth St. Park area.

      -Estrada Courts Housing.

      -8th St. Housing Projects.

      -City View St. area.

      -Matthews St. & 1st St.

      -St Louis & Chicago St.

      And all small surrounding areas within those listed.

      A simple common sense reference would be to look out for graffiti. The names tagged, how frequently is it vandalized on walls, and more importantly of all would be for indications of active crossing outs in the area which indicate one gang intruding on another’s turf. Resulting in violent confrontations with the potential risk of innocent people falling victim.

      Although Boyle Heights has had its share of

      high crime statistically, Beginning of years 2005 and 2006 marked a heavy change in the feel of the district. In the coming years of 2008 to 2014 showed a different Boyle Heights. The outcome of a stronger LAPD presence and gang injunctions on gang members is the result in the outcome of what the district is now today. Which is a district easier to live in. Overall Improving meanwhile the annual ethnic population changes. Latino/hispanic has been the highest population in the district with a range of 80-89%. Dominating the few other ethnic groups in the area.

      The small district is home to White Memorial Hospital on Cesar Chavez. It is home to many elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. A small number of private schools also operate in the area. Hollenbeck Middle School sits just behind Theodore Roosevelt High School located on Matthews St. Two quite largely built schools with a great academic experience and opportunity.

      The police station operating the general areas population safety is the Hollenbeck Police Station located on First St.

      Places of interest within the small district would suggest the abandoned (haunted) Linda Vista Hospital, The Orthodox Jewish Synagogue (abandoned), The Mariachi Plaza, and annual festivities coupled with parades down Cesar Chavez Ave. Ofcourse!, how can i forget to mention the number one spot to consider. I never forgot, just thought I’d save the best for last. Look into visiting “El Mercadito.” I won’t spoil it for you but if you are looking to shop for authentic Latin American souvenirs, kitchenware, clothing, small accessories or miscellaneous items this is the place to go. Ontop of that you could add fine dining or fast food dining to the list as it offers a finer way of dining in a upstairs restaurant stocked with a bar and ambient atmosphere with live mariachi band music.

      If food is all you seek, and Boyle Heights is all you find. And have something different stored in mind?. Let me help you pick a venue based off my suggestions.

      For good tasting cheap food, “El Mercadito.” You find mostly all from tortas of different meats, to mesquite, and fried banana with sweet milk. To a more desired formidable family night out in the same building a little more expensive but worth it. Just follow the mariachi signs around and it will lead you to the upstairs fine restaurant.

      El Tepeyac located on Evergreen just across the Catholic Church. This place will not dissapoint. All their dishes are good, not quite healthy to be exact but one large burrito can be shared by a party of two in my opinion.

      • Boyle Heights East Los Angeles, CA
      Be sure to stop by this place if you can, be ready to expect a pretty long wait time since it is always packed with customers.

      Al and Beas on First Street right next to the gym and a block from the Hollenbeck Police Station. Has been around for years and has always had kind and quality service for years. Great fast food. Crisp taste. Better than Wendy’s.

      I would also like to include a list I called, “random hot spots.” In case it matters at all:,

      -El 7 Mares (Cesar Chavez and Saratoga).

      -Panaderia Bakery (4th St. just past Soto).

      -Jesse’s Barber Shop (for old school bowlcuts).

      -King Taco (Cesar Chavez and Soto).

      -The Studio back by the train tracks.

      -Corazon del Pueblo (art and poems on 1st st).

      -All of Cesar Chavez from Mott St to White Memorial.

      Although there is much more to be said, this should answer and accommodate your questions in the form of answers from a well established resident living in Boyle Heights since birth.

      Q: Would I raise a family in Boyle Heights?.

      A: Not even the tiniest chance in hell. Unless otherwise.

      Q: Was it dangerous in your opinion growing up?.

      A: Absolutely!. So much envy, hate, jealousy, backstabbing, and everyone out to prove something. I was always alert and had a plan while walking around

      my surroundings.

      Q: What is one thing you can point out about Boyle Heights?.

      A: If I’d have to say, I’d say the dominant latin population and the low to little percent of Blacks in the district which never developed alerting racial hate or tension as seen in other LA areas of mixed communities.

      Q: Do you wish having been raised somewhere better during your child hood?.

      A: Absolutely not. I can’t think of a better childhood than what I had. I remember gathering up ammo (lemons) with a friend and my brother to bomb the donut guy (donero) walking down the alley around the afternoon. Unfortunately he caught wind of it and figure us out and came to the door to tell our mothers. Troublemakers at best, good memories like those can never be replaced that’s for sure.

      To conclude, Boyle Heights can be a nice area to live with a little bit of research and adjusting around. There might be some active areas in crime sometimes but this is just part of life just like elsewhere. Nonetheless, I can vouch for many great areas of residential tranquility and worry-free fear of falling victim, you just need to ask and evaluate. Just remember that anywhere you live, you can always decide to get involved or build to get others involved in neighborhood watch programs and reporting crime to feel safer for your and your children within your community. Thank you for reading, I hope you found it useful.

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