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  • Jason Statham isn't exactly the best actor around
  • If it wasn't for Statham then I think the other cast members would have had a much harder time making the viewers believer in their characters
  • Unfortunately the blu-ray version of this film does not have any exclusive bonus features
  • If you like long, boring commentary tracks then The Bank Job is right for you

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Certain genres of movies never seem to advance too much. Crime is that one genre that tends to follow the same path, get a bunch of people and rob a bank. The Bank Job follows this tiresome formula but for some reason it is more entertaining than half the other crime movies.

      Terry Leather (Jason Statham) is a car dealer who agrees to stage a heist after a former love named Martine (Saffron Burrows) approaches him. Martine gives Terry an offer her can’t refuse so he agrees to the heist. A group of different con men are enlisted for the heist, but before they can start they must rent out a local clothing store to start digging underground. What Terry finds when he gets inside of the bank vault is a series of photos that are evidence against public figures. Terry now finds himself in the heat of one of the biggest politic scandals.

      The Bank Job is based on true events, which alone should give this

      movie more credibility than most crime films. Certain parts of the film seem too far fetched. Writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais have admitted that they didn’t truly know the truth about everything that happened during this heist, which does show during the Hollywood-ized scenes. The whole Terry and Martine love interest is what really bothered me. At times it felt like there was too much concentration on this rather than the heist and photo scandal.

      Jason Statham isn’t exactly the best actor around. Most of his movies tend to blend together. In The Bank Job I really felt that Jason Statham found his true calling. Statham looks comfortable in his role. Not only does Statham do a good job as his role as Terry Leather he also seems to carry some of the lesser known actors. If it wasn’t for Statham then I think the other cast members would have had a much harder time making the viewers believer in their characters. The Bank Job is a perfect example on how one actor can carry an entire movie.

      Director Roger Donaldson shoots the movies better action scenes on a high note. The Bank Job does not have as many action sequences as most crime movies; however when there are those few moments Donaldson is ready to amaze us. The ending of the movie is full of energy from all the actors; it is defiantly the movies biggest highlight, especially from Donaldson, a man that is known for the topless sequence in the first Species film.

      The Bank Job won’t stand out as one of the finest films in your blu-ray collection. The colors in the film are kept to brighter dark colors, mainly grays and blues. In the blu-ray version this does look nice but then you have to think how high definition movies are supposed to enhance all the colors in the film. The Bank Job doesn’t have that many colors so what you see could very well look just as good ...

      • The Bank Job, British crime film
      on the DVD version.

      There really weren’t too many epic music scores throughout The Bank Job. The enhanced sound is nice, then again without a real good soundtrack you really can’t brag about the blu-ray version. No need to worry though there are plenty blu-ray films that have un-epic soundtracks. Just remember if you are questioning the DVD or blu-ray version.

      Unfortunately the blu-ray version of this film does not have any exclusive bonus features. What you do get with the blu-ray version is a second disc that contains a digital copy of the film.

      All of the special features are sort of disappointing. There is a commentary track with director Roger Donaldson, composer J. Peter Robinson and actor Saffron Burrows. This track is full of dull moments where the three remember the day they did all the different scenes. If you like long, boring commentary tracks then The Bank Job is right for you.

      The two behind the scenes featurettes are surprisingly the best parts of all the

      extras. Inside The Bank Job gives you a taste on the movies production, something that would have been nice to hear during the commentary. The Baker Street Bank Raid is a behind the scenes look for history buffs. Overall the production value and how it’s narrated is as good as specials you’d see on the History Channel.

      Finally there are some deleted scenes. None of these scenes do anything for the film. It seems like they were cut out just to make the film shorter.

      Overall I felt The Bank Job was real good. The movie does have a few problems, mainly with the supporting cast to Jason Statham. There is a noticeable lack of knowledge around the actual events in the film, but with the addition of some the bonus features you can forgive the writers. Since this film really isn’t the best film to be on blu-ray you mainly need to ask yourself if you want to pay the extra money to get a crystal clear digital copy.

andis kuncoro says :

re : Jason Statham isn’t exactly the best actor around
yes i think the best actor,because good action in movies
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