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  • While the actual serving size is simply 2 vitamins, I would recommend taking 4 vitamins since no vitamins has 100% absorption
  • Unfortunately, this increases the cost of the vitamins
  • Overall though, I personally believe the cost is worth the benefit of being able to consume these vitamins regularly at any point during the day

    • by Nichole

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      Let’s talk about the Vitafusion Multivites Gummy Vitamins for adults.

      I am a young adult that is 23 years of age. For years, I took pill vitamins off and on since they made me sick unless I had eaten a heavy carbohydrate meal. I hated vitamins despite the fact that I needed the extra vitamin A, C, And

      D provided.

      These vitamins taste almost exactly like gummy bears. So delicious. The actual nutrition content is pretty standard with The vitamins A-E are all represented as well as B6, B12, and folic acid. I personally take 4 throughout the day since separation of your vitamins increases absorption of the nutrients.

      While the actual serving size is simply 2 vitamins, I would recommend taking 4 vitamins since no vitamins has 100% absorption. Unfortunately, this increases the cost of the vitamins. These vitamins land on the more expensive side.

      Online retailers sell a 250 count for around 16 dollars. But stores like Costco and likely other retailers like Kroger sell it at a reduced priced.

      • Vitafusion Multivites Gummies
      Unfortunately, the cost is compounded by the fact that there are two missing vitamins for women and one missing vitamin for men. Calcium (for both sexes) and Iron are not provided or not in sufficient quantity for overall health. So you either must supplement or make sure these nutrients are absorbed in your daily food intake.


      though, I personally believe the cost is worth the benefit of being able to consume these vitamins regularly at any point during the day. If you can fit these in your budget, do yourself a favor and buy these.

      Please note: there is gelatin in here so strict vegans and vegetarians may be unable to use this product.

Ncihole adds :

I should have added a clarification. At the time I wrote this, I was a college student with little money. Eating a balanced diet on that sort of money is extremely hard. So the idea of getting excess vitamins would have been a dream. Especially since about 50% of the supplements vitamin is lost to the digestive system. That being said, an adult who eats a very balanced diet may only need the recommended dose. However before you say, oh I don’t want to overload on my vitamins. Please take a careful look at your diet. B vitamins except for B12 and I believe B6 are excreted daily through waste. You are incapable of storing them. So it is very difficult to overdose on these. You would have to consume a massive amount of B vitamins over the space of 30 minutes to do this. In this vitamin supplement I believe Vitamin A and E are at only 50% of the daily recommended goal. So doubling up gives you 100% and since your body will not digest all of that the number tends to fall between 40% and 60% of your goal for the day. Vitamin C is notoriously hard to overdose on, and it’s actually recommend by studies that to avoid sickness one go over the limit. Vitamin D which would be the highest overdosage in this vitamin is notorious both for its finicky absorption and its low levels in adults particularly in Northern areas where little sunlight is present. The vitamin lacks the two easiest nutrients to overdose on iron and calcium- which are detrimental in overdosage amounts. So overall unless your diet is incredibly healthy, the likelihood that one would overdose by doubling the dose is incredibly low. After reading the comments, I also talked with my general practioner. He said that because of the nutrient profile of these vitamins my doubling of the dosage was not dangerous particularly because I was subsisting on cheap foods. Although he did recommend that as soon as possible, I go back to eating those vitamins and not supplementing them because it aids absorption. As for centrum, centrum has a much higher density of vitamins in its supplement. And it has more vitamins. That’s why doubling up on centrum produces ghastly results. I can’t take centrum because it’s so hard of my stomach that I throw up. But it’s not because I am overdosing on it. I would only take one when I took centrum. It was because the pill itself has so many vitamins that breaking it down is really hard on my digestive system without a massive influx of carbs.

Please also note increased physical activity also increases the amount of vitamins needed for optimal function. And once again this should have been a clarification. I approached this from a college students view point where the diet is often whatever one can afford and physical activity is high. And things like excess alcohol are actual leaching vitamins.
jimaras22 says :

hello , i have seen this producut in many online stores
and i believe it is one of the best multivitamins out there.
The fact that its price is cheap for what you get fascinates me.
You get 100% of every vitamin your body need with this and you are left rest assured that you don’t have any vitamin deficiencies.
Vitamin b’s hep by breaking down carbs , fats , and proteinn and do wonders for our nerves.Vitamins c/e are very potent with a very good antioxidant protection .Vitamin a is good for the eyes.
The packaging is very cheeky and i like it.
Jennifer Davis says :

re : While the actual serving size is simply 2 vitamins, I would recommend taking 4 vitamins since no vitamins has 100% absorption
It might be dangerous for some to double up on the recommended dose since many vitamins also come from food. The recommended dose takes into account absorption rates. I tried doubling up on my centrum once and it made me sick. Doubling up on vitamins is dangerous and should only be done if directed by a doctor.
Galega says :

Yes, that is what I always suggest users. Never cross the daily recommended dose of Vitamins.

Overdose of any Vitamin can be quite dangerous in the long term (though, body generally throws out extra Vitamins if the overdose is random, not regular).

Further, too much vitamins means too much work for the stomach and liver during the process of absorption. It results in sleepy state of the mind of users, and tiredness. They think that vitamin isn’t working for them. Little they know that it is high dose of vitamins which is making them tired.
Francis says :

I have had these vitamins I think they taste great and I feel good after I have them.

I would definitely recommend them for people who don’t like taking pills.

I also agree with Galega about taking more than the recommended dose. Doing this once won’t hurt you. However I have heard from nurses in my family that if you keep doing it that it can be dangerous in the long term.
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