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  • When a group of the survivors find a woman on the streets they take her in
  • But for a film that is supposed to be a horror movie it fails miserably
  • The script to Tooth & Nail is pretty ridiculous
  • With only one great scene in it Tooth & Nail is one of the worst movies in the second batch of After Dark Horrorfest movies

    • by Sami Oughanem


      How can a cliché post-apocalyptic movie even be considered a horror movie? Did the After Dark Horror Fest standards changed when the second batch of movies were released? Tooth & Nail is by no means a real horror movie, not even familiar faces can save this movie.

      A group of survivors are trying to survive in an abandoned hospital. This group of people is trying to start up society again in this post-apocalyptic world they are living in. When a group of the survivors find a woman on the streets they take her in.

      Cannibals known as Rovers are hunting the woman they brought back to their base. When the sun goes down the Rovers are on the attack with

      their battle axes, clubs, and other medieval weaponry.

      This is the second After Dark Horrorfest movie to feature Boy Meets World turned horror movie rookie Rider Strong. Most people will remember him from Cabin Fever, but you can also check him out in Borderland. There are a few other familiar faces in this movie, most of which were stuck in numerous television roles.

      Tooth & Nail is a pretty bloody movie. Most of the scenes make up of the Rovers attacking people with their weapons. The sound effects the weapons make are just as corny as some of the death scenes. At one point, when the Rovers first reach the hospital, they attack somebody outside. The scene is filled with different weapon sound effects and the guy walks away, later to die by a brutal battle axe beating. This is just one of many scenes that don’t follow the sound, this plagues the entire movie.

      Other than the films final scene, which is a complete blood storm, the movie only shows blood that looks like water downed red paint. The movie itself looks great and it could pass off as a big budget movie. But for a film that is supposed to be a horror movie it fails miserably.

      The script to Tooth & Nail is pretty ridiculous. Been there, done that. Tooth & Nail is just like every other post-apocalyptic movie, but instead of being good it isn’t. When ...

      • Tooth & Nail, horror film by Mark Young
      a shocker moment in the movie happens you will be telling yourself “Didn’t see that coming.”

      There are other scenes that are just incredible. At one point when the movies biggest plot twist happens the one character just sits there. Most normal people would react different. To see what I’m talking about you’ll have to wait a whole hour, which is hard to do in this movies case.

      For a group of cannibals we don’t see them eating too many people. Either the director Mark Young forget he added this part into the movie or it was just added in to scare the viewers. Until the last part of the movie there is no knowledge of them being cannibals, they

      kill their prey and that’s it. Come on Rovers just take a little bite, your teeth are sharp enough.

      The only real extra on here is about 20 minutes worth of Miss Horrorfest Contest Webisodes. These webisodes are a waste of time. I’m sure people dug these when they were on the Internet, but on a DVD they are pointless.

      With only one great scene in it Tooth & Nail is one of the worst movies in the second batch of After Dark Horrorfest movies. The cast might be popular in the TV world, but here they are worse than B-Rated horror stars. Tooth & Nail is too cliché, nothing about it is real original and it is a bore to watch.

Robert Antonescu says :

This movie is definitely Worth watching. It gave me that nostalgic feeling when I had when I was younger. After it was over I felt like I wasn’t alone. I recommend it to someone who is in for a good scare.
Andrew Leither says :

I was glad to come across your review. I have not seen a scary movie for quite a while this looks great. I shall watch it over the weekend. Your review give me the insight to what I know and from your perspective and point of view it was great with the other comments give you feed back and a great feeling to know. I need something to watch that will really scare me and now I think I have found it.
Andrew Leither says :

I need a good scare and I love these kind of reviews that match up to the quality of the film and your insight into the characters and story. I will most certainly check it out when I got some free time. I am too busy replying to reviews I am addicted.
Andrew Leither says :

We all need a good scare The movie sounds very familiar. There are a group of scientists that are trying to start up society in a post-apocalyptic world. There are incredible scary scenes but most of all, the scariest scenes happen near the end. It’s a good movie and I recommend this to anyone who wishes to have a good scare.
Lamin says :

Reviews shouldn’t be written this way Too one-sided and very little useful information
Trayon Thomas says :

This movie is definitely in the top ten scariest movies of all time. A film like this is one of a kind and will leave your jaw drop. It is full of everything a scary movie can be I would watch it over and over again. Tooth and Nail deserves an Oscar for the incredible scenes and the horrific style of art. It is truly an excellent film.
Rumba says :

I agree, that this movie should be nominated for prestigious cinema awards. The unique character consists in independence: young director, unrenowned actors and atmosphere of truly art house scary movie.
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