Charlie Wilson’s War, biographical drama film by Mike Nichols
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  • When Wilson is done cleaning up the story just becomes boring, not so raunchy, and the humor seems to be full of inside jokes
  • One big problem this movie has is its length

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Something about Charlie Wilson’s War doesn’t feel right. The film tells the true story about Charlie Wilson and how he single handedly took down the Soviets. I was left with a bad taste in my mouth after watching this movie and I don’t know why I feel this way to tell the truth. Charlie Wilson’s War is a tad boring.

      Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) is a congressman in the 80s who lived the high life, with strippers, drugs, and alcohol. When Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts) asks Wilson to iteract with Afghanistan during the Russian invasion, the politician changes his ways. CIA agent Gust Avrakotos (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) helps Charlie to make Afghanistan free again.

      This movie has a pretty balls out

      story. Charlie Wilson did help out the government with the Soviets, you can’t change this fact. In the beginning the movie is raunchy and I was pretty shocked to see some soft of nudity with Tom Hanks in it, I can’t remember the last time he was in a movie with nudity. When Wilson is done cleaning up the story just becomes boring, not so raunchy, and the humor seems to be full of inside jokes.

      For a movie based on this war there really isn’t a whole lot to show. Most of the work behind this war is behind the scenes, all the talking that goes behind the scenes. It’s boring and I never realized how often United States employees

      swear. Charlie Wilson’s War one minute is a drama movie, trying to make you feel for what happened in the 80s. When the movie isn’t a drama it is full of humorless jokes/one liners that don’t mean anything to the movies content.

      One big problem this movie has is its length. Charlie Wilson’s War is not even a two hour movie, which is uncommon for a movie like this. If this movie was longer it might have helped make the script stronger. Too much information seems to be crammed into this movie with such a short amount of time.

      While the story is lacking, Tom Hanks and Phillip Seymour Hoffman work real well together. Both of these actors really get into ...

      • Charlie Wilson's War, biographical drama film by Mike Nichols
      character, acting and sounding just like the people there portraying. Hanks might have picked off more than he can chew with this role, mainly since people might not be use to him staring in a movie that has more than a few problems.

      For the time Julia Roberts is in this movie she doesn’t impress me. The only scene I can honestly remember her in is whenever she’s talking to Charlie Wilson in a bathtub. You would think a big star like this would get more camera time; Hanks and Hoffman steal the show with this film.

      This DVD only has two special features, a making of the film and a 12 minute featurette entitled “Who is Charlie Wilson?” The making

      of featurette is a 17 minute look at how the book was turned into a movie. Of course the cast and crew talk highly of the book and the film. “Who is Charlie Wilson?” is a nice look at the man that the movie is based on.

      There is no trailer to the film nor is there an option to watch the trailers that are shown at the beginning of the DVD.

      This movie might have a certain special something to it, but I don’t see it. Charlie Wilson’s War is boring and the DVD lacks any special features that are note worthy. Political buffs might find something good about this movie; make sure you rent this one first before you buy it.

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