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  • This can be a little problem since people only want to best graphics possible

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Hoshigami is just like all the great games of the past (in this genre), but it fails to give gamers the same feel those classics did. What Hoshigami does offer is the same game play people loved when this game was originally released for the Playstation back in 2001.

      When you first put this game into your DS and you get things going you’ll be treated to some pretty Gameboy Advance looking graphics. This can be a little problem since people only want to best graphics possible. The Nintendo DS for the most part has some pretty graphical games.

      Games need to have a good story and Hoshigami has a good story, but we’ve seen this kind of

      story a dozen times before. A war between the Kingdoms of Valaim and Nightweld has begun on the continent of Mardias. Fazz (main character) the leader of a band of mercenaries is hired to protect one of the Ruins of Ixia from the Valamian army. While this is going on an evil being rises from the shadows and threatens to destroy Mardias. Been there done that, Hoshigami doesn’t get too many points for having an original story.

      Like most turn based games you have an army that you need to build up. Hoshigami has two ways to do this, but the game really wants you to enter the Tower of Trials to do all your money earning and level gaining. It is a nice change in pace to have a separate area to do your leveling up and it does make some sense really. What really gets me down about the Tower of Trials is all the backgrounds in the tower are the same, the only different thing you will see here are the different kind of enemies and how many you need to battle. Thankfully when you advance in the game the different battle fields are nice and detailed, you will forget the fact that this game doesn’t look nearly as good as other turn based strategy games.

      One major flaw in Hoshigami is the battle system, but not everything about it. You ...

      • Hoshigami Ruining Blue Earth Remix, DS Game
      can equip your team with magic, different abilities and equipment, there is nothing wrong with that. What I hate most about this game is when you move your character, with or without the stylus. When you move your character there is a tiny bat at the top that lets you know if you’ll be able to attack or now when you move to that spot, great, but once you move to that spot you can’t go back. Most turn based games let you move your character and if you don’t like that move you can take it back. Hoshigami went with a realistic feel here and it can be stressing due to the games poor camera.
      The game was fit for the screen and at times it can be hard to see if where you are moving is really where you want to be.

      Hoshigami does take advantage of the stylus in the game and it works great. With simple clicks you can move your characters and choose what action you want them to do. While doing some of your attacks you can either hit one of the buttons or click on the tiny ones located at the bottom of the screen. People with bad eye sight might have a hard time playing this game with the stylus but thankfully the game is still enjoyable using the D Pad and all the six buttons the DS has.

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