Naughty Bear, PS3 Video game
  • All of the stages also have side missions, which at first I thought you didn't have to worry about
  • God I love throwing a bear in fire, brings music to my ears

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Naughty Bear never tried to be a big budget title or a game that can compare to Mass Effect 2 or Red Dead Redemption. This sort of game was released to be fun and a budget title. Naughty Bear is an awesome game…but I’ll tell you why I guess.

      Rooting for the underdog is always so satisfying. Naughty Bear is a video game, about a psychopathic teddy bear that none of the other teddy bears like. Our friend Naughty Bear is naughty and he does real naughty things. When Naughty Bear doesn’t get invited to a birthday party he gets pissed and when Naughty Bear gets pissed shit starts to hit the fan, real bad.

      Naughty Bear is half stealth and half action. You can pretty much just run around killing the other bears and then the other bears that are summoned if one teddy bear can make a phone call in time. If that isn’t striking your fancy then hide in the bushes or in lockers/cabinets and kill the other teddy bears without anyone noticing.

      You can literally

      jump out, scare a bear and attack another, then jump right back into the bushes without anything really coming after you. Here and there somebody will go in and strike at you once, but when you move over a little they’ll leave and get scared, giving you more points then. I’ve gone to over look this factor but I can see how this is a deal breaker.

      Every stage builds off of the first one. All of the stages also have side missions, which at first I thought you didn’t have to worry about. This is not true since you have to earn a higher naughty ranking to unlock more in the game, like stages. For the most part the island stays the same, it just gets bigger and bigger (not too big though). Simple things will change and there are points where the army comes in, giving you some nice tent structures to look at. When I noticed this in the game, right away I thought of an N64 game.

      The N64 aspect stays true with the games

      graphics. Naughty Bear at best looks like a last generation N64 game. Naughty Bear has this certain charm to it and when you see Naughty Bear killing the other bears, fluff flying every where, you’ll get a smile on your face and realize that the game would not have been as charming with Uncharted or Alan Wake graphics.

      Where the graphics take a journey to the past the audio stays in present time. The in-game voice from our storyteller reminds me of a children’s movie. The voice is almost dead-on with those sort of movies we use to watch when we were crawling around in the kitchen.

      The games music isn’t a shining moment in gaming history though. Naughty Bear could have had better music, maybe more in the likes of an old children’s movie, but how many people are going to care when they are smashing a bears head in a car door? Well I noticed and it isn’t the best. The games sound effects though are really good. God I love throwing a bear in fire,

      • Naughty Bear, PS3 Video game
      brings music to my ears.

      Naughty Bear does have some multiplayer modes. I had some fun online but I did run into some problems with the Playstation 3 version. I got booted off a few times and then there were problems where I couldn’t find anybody to play with. Hopefully if word of mouth catches on we can all get online and let the fluff fly in Naughty Bear.

      If you are having problems online then there is no need to worry. There is enough to do offline with Naughty Bear. You can go back to stages and earn the highest rankings or even do some of special challenges like throwing a certain teddy bear into the fire and so forth.

      Naughty Bear has been getting bad press and I don’t know why. Yes if you compare this game to a modern marvel then its going to look a bit stale. This is the sort of game you can put on and play for an hour or two and enjoy yourself enough to get a smile on your face. I

      would have to recommend this title.

      Rating Breakdown

      Gameplay: 7 out of 10

      + Simple to play and a lot of fun when you start de-fluffing those bears.

      - Confused camera in corners and some gamers won’t be amused by its charm.

      Story: 9 out of 10

      + A bear that gets pissed off and goes ape shit? That’s awesome!

      - Sort of slacks at a few points honestly.

      Graphics: 7 out of 10

      + Good looking N64 game with some great kill sequences.

      - It is an N64 game really and that was how old ago?

      Audio: 7 out of 10

      + The announcer is funny to the very end.

      - The music and sound effects slack in this whole mix of great announcer mix.

      Replay Value: 5 out of 10

      + There is a lot to do when you beat the main quest… - Just wish the online mode was better with more gamers online.

Jennifer Davis says :

Would this be an acceptable game for a girl of 13? My daughter has a friend who has this game and now she wants it. I have never even seen this game before so I don’t know what its rating is. can someone tell me its rating please?
Melinda says :

Hi Jennifer, this game would absolutely be acceptable for your daughter. My 10 year old son downloaded it a couple of months ago and he loves it. I sat and watched him play and have to say that it really is pretty funny. I understand the concept of a vengeful teddy bear is a little out there, but it isn’t graphic in the least. As long as your daughter has a healthy sense of humor and understands that violence isn’t the answer in everyday life, then she will be fine. It is all in good humor and won’t provide any type of nightmares even for younger children.
Trayon Thomas says :

Naughty Bear is a weird but yet fun game to play on your PS3 console. I think this is one of the best games out right now as I speak. With new levels and alot of action this game is full of excitement. I think it could be suitable for all age groups differently though they might look at beards differently lol. To me I think this game could be described in three words cool,fun, and exciting.
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