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  • But that is fine with me because 3D gave us a new Jackass movie and holy shit people this has got to be the best movie out of all of them
  • It won’t ruin the experience for you so do not worry about that one bit

    • by Sami Oughanem


      For the third part in the Jackass movie series, Johnny Knoxville and his crew are ready to be stupid in 3D. Ah yes, 3D, the current crazy that doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. But that is fine with me because 3D gave us a new Jackass movie and holy shit people this has got to be the best movie out of all of them.

      Using modern technology with a dozen or so boneheads doesn’t really sound like a good idea on paper, but it is really funny. Jackass 3 is full of guys getting hit in the balls, volcanic shits, and trying to scare each other with their worst fears. It is basic humor that comes to life thanks to Knoxville, Margera, Steve-O, etc.

      Seeing it is believing it, even though there is no plot or Hollywood movie score to go along with it.

      The Jackass crew has taken the 3D standards and turned them into something that will either amaze you or scream in disgust. So many movies do basic scenes in 3D or do the entire thing in 3D and you won’t even realize if it really is in 3D (seen it too many times now). The 3D work is well done, however the transfer on blu-ray isn’t what fans would want if they loved the 3D effects that much in the theaters.

      The blu-ray version comes with cheap 3D glasses, ones you would get with all those 3D movies that came out before the whole 3D craze started. This sort of ruins the magic at times, though some of the skits the Jackass crew did for 3D purposes only are still good. Still good, don’t get me wrong, but it might gross out some more than some of the crews jokes or stunts.

      Jackass 3 is packaged with 2 discs, the blu-ray copy and a DVD/digital copy. The blu-ray version of the film is done really nice in high def. The outdoor scenes are full of color and crystal clear. You will feel like you’re with the Jackass crew on the blu-ray version of the film. I did however notice some popping sounds during some of the more intense scenes in the movie. It won’t ruin the experience for you so do not worry ...

      • Jackass 3 Unrated, Blu-ray Comedy film
      about that one bit.

      The DTS-HD audio track in 5.1 delivers in the best way possible. Every sound of the movie can be heard without any problems what so ever. I would go as far as saying this is the best sounding blu-ray I have heard, but that wouldn’t be too far since the audio this movie was demanding could have been just as good with something not as good.

      Jackass 3 has some real good special features, but there was no commentary track on the disc. There are around 40 minutes of deleted scenes, some of which really just extend some of the stunts. Hell maybe even calling them deleted scenes is too much, it is mainly just the guys messing around and showing you what

      they had to do to get “insert Jackass members name here”.

      There is also a short making of segment that aired on television. Maybe saying the special features were good was a bad idea…but hey I am reviewing Jackass 3 so we’ll leave this in here so people will think I am a jackass. That is classy.

      Who would have thought the third Jackass movie was going to be good? I figured after knowing it was made for 3D that it would end up being a crappy gimmick movie that would suck, something like Friday the 13th Part 3. This blu-ray is what you need to cure those comedy blues you might have had due to the lack of comedies on the high def format (lack of good ones really).

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