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  • The zombies were made to look like the ones from Zombie and I think the blood was made to mimic the red Kool-Aid you used to see in all those commercials 10 or so years ago

    • by Sami Oughanem


      I might have gotten to the point in my life where zombie movies just don’t excite me anymore. Take this one, Bone Sickness, a zombie movie that might have been shot with a betamax camcorder. I have no beef with low budget movies but Bone Sickness really doesn’t do much for the zombie genre and it sure in hell doesn’t give low budget movies a good name.

      This low budget zombie flick does have some, and I stress some, neat gore effects. But seriously how often can you use raw chicken with food coloring? No matter what you do it looks like raw chicken. It is amateur film making at its finest. The zombies were made to look like the ones from Zombie and I think the blood was made to mimic the

      red Kool-Aid you used to see in all those commercials 10 or so years ago.

      Bone Sickness has a real bad plot to it. This guy is dying of some rare bone disease and his friend, who happens to work at a morgue, gives him this medicine. The medicine he gives him consists of corpse parts. Yeah corpse parts, his buddy puts dead shit into his friend and long and behold he can reanimate the dead from puking.

      I don’t understand this movie one bit. Why would somebody, after given a medicine with corpse parts, start puking zombies and worms, and shitting maggots? Low budget directors in the horror genre always seem to want to shock their viewers, but I think with Bone Sickness viewers will be shocked that shit like that actually made it out on store shelves.

      Towards the end of the movie you have talking zombies who start vandalizing a car. Those goddamn zombies can now vandalize cars? What are they going to do next, rip the top of some bodies head off with two sticks, while sounding like Yoda from Star Wars? Wait that happens in Bone Sickness?

      Zombies can do abortions too; I’ve seen it in Bone Sickness!!!

      I think if you are obsessed with black metal and love gore like you love sugar in your coffee then Bone Sickness might be your bible. Fans of tits and ass will find something to watch at night too, they certainly know why people buy these sorts of movies.

      The video portion of the film is in full screen and is way too grainy.

      • Bone Sickness, Horror film
      When the scenes are shot at night or in dark areas it might be pretty hard to handle. The well lit scenes however are done fairly good for a low budget blood fest.

      Oh my god the sound in this movie is bad. Dolby Digital 2.0 sound, but all I hear is low volume when you need to hear what’s going on. Then when you hit a sequence where the characters are close the volume is real bad because their microphones are too close. Is this amateur hour?

      It took them two and a half years to make Bone Sickness? That’s what Brian Paulin and Rich George state in the beginning of their commentary track. These two love gore and they don’t shut up about it. Adding more gore in with a few

      extra squirts. I didn’t want to hear about worms pooping in an individual’s mouth either, but hey when you have full time jobs and you’re making a movie like Bone Sickness who cares.

      There are some other extras like a 30 minute behind the scenes featurette, outtakes, interviews, trailers, photo gallery, and a few other extras. A good amount of extras really, should please fans of the movie and those who might want to make their own low budget zombie flick.

      Low budget movie making has gotten a bad name thanks to Bone Sickness. Throwing together lots of gore with a real bad plot looks and sounds silly. I don’t know if there really is a good reason to watch this, but if you want to torture yourself then go ahead and buy this movie.

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