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  • So here is my experience about Zong's services
  • One of the great things I like about Zong is its connectivity
  • When I'm in the main city, I have no problem with it
  • They don't cost me much money, I usually recharge only once a month, which is enough for my communication necessities
  • The best packages they've got are sms packages

    • by Hamza Butt


      Zong is one of the cellular service providers in Pakistan. It is a China Mobile company that claims to have a customer base of over 300 million on their website. Zong totally shocked everyone in Pakistan recently by being the first cellular service provider that supports 4G. Recently, many companies were buying 3G licence, but Zong was a step ahead of others. I have used many service providers, and I still have 7 sims from different companies. Probably because most of the companies in Pakistan offer great packages with in their network.

      So here is my experience about Zong’s services:

      One of the great things I like about Zong is its connectivity. I found Zong’s connectivity to be great. It connects very fast. It normally gets me connected with

      in a few seconds of pressing the call buttons. I have used many services available in Pakistan, and some of them made me wait for more than 15 seconds to get the call connected, which was really annoying for me, but luckily this network isn’t one of them. I can rely on it when I want to make quick calls. So full marks for fast connectivity.

      Another great thing about Zong is that it offers a really good voice quality. When I’m in the main city, I have no problem with it. I can hear every call clearly. Though, when I’m far from the city. In places like Urrak, which is a very famous and remote picnic point, there is no service. Like I said, I have used

      other services before, and they too don’t have coverage in that area. I don’t know why is that so, because that place isn’t a jungle or something like that. People live in their so these companies should at least expand their coverage that far. As a whole, Zong gets full marks for voice quality and coverage in the main city.

      Because I’m a student, I want cheap sms and call packages. Luckily Zong has got plenty of them. It provides many affordable packages to all networks. I’m truly satisfied with the packages Zong provides. They don’t cost me much money, I usually recharge only once a month, which is enough for my communication necessities. The best packages they’ve got are sms packages. They provide 500 sms a day,

      • Zong cellular service in Pakistan
      a whole month which costs me only Rs.80, Which is more than I need. So full marks for great packages too.

      I use internet on my smartphone quite frequently and there isn’t always a wifi connection available. Thus, I have to use Zong’s internet service. I can convey my experience of using Zong’s Internet (before they launched 4G) in a sentence to you, which is: It totally sucked. Its speed was really slow. I wasn’t even able to surf the tiniest sites. It was an agony to download music. In fact, it was the slowest mobile internet I ever used, but as Zong has launched 4G recently in Pakistan. It’s very obvious that their internet speed will be increased. Though, they have only launched 4G in 6 cities

      of Pakistan (till now) which doesn’t includes my city, so I don’t know how their 4G service is, but if you’ll ask me to rank their previous internet service I will rank it 2 out of 10.

      One great thing about Zong is that they have got an awesome customer service. They don’t make you wait much and have a really friendly attitude too. I called them a few times to inquire about some packages and some queries I had about their service, it was a really good experience, I got my questions answered in a few seconds. So they get full marks for customer service too.

      As a whole, their service is really worth trying. Especially, as they are the first to launch 4G in Pakistan. I rate their whole service 8.

Who cares says :

Pakistan? Really? Who cares about a cellular service there?

I understand about foreign films but cellular service? You got to be kidding

cpy says :

Reviewers can review on anything they care about or wish to share.

There is no need to be rude.

Just don’t read it if you don’t find it of value.

Galega says :

Pakistan has extensive cellular services network. The data speed is on par with developed countries. And, more importantly, the cost per MB is also quite competitive.

Hafsa says :

re : One of the great things I like about Zong is its connectivity
I m agreed that zong provides valuable internet services. I have a personal experience of it. As I was living in a far off area from main city last year, there was no cellular internet accessible there, execpt zong’s.

Atif Memon says :

In my opinion, Zong is one of the best cellular services in Pakistan which is paying heed to quick response among customers in very cheap rates. However, all its packages are of reasonable price so that everyone in the country can easily enjoy services which are very costly on other cellular networks like Ufone, Telenor, and Mobilink. Emphatically, it has one of the best option 4G internet which is on the top rank in the country because it is in competition with the country’s landline. Therefore, I personally like this China cellular company in our country.

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