Gun (Bluray), 2011 action film
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  • Sorry to be mean here but I think 50 Cent is a little retarded when it comes to the music in Gun
  • Quite possibly the best part about gun has to be the appearances from Night Court’s John Larroquette and Danny Trejo
  • Yeah I know my words might be harsh or retarded but I blame this movie for all it

    • by Sami Oughanem


      Famous rapper, video game hero, and now for some reason movie star and maker, 50 Cent gives us his next film entitled Gun. The decision for this movie to be a direct to DVD film was a smart one because, after a second viewing, Gun is no more than a rip off of the classic crime movie Scarface. How does 50 Cent get away with it? By having an overweight Val Kilmer in it, nobody would dare to call a lawyer since Kilmer is in it.

      Rich (50 Cent) is an armors dealer looking to expand his business into something much larger. Angel (Val Kilmer) is a recent parolee who is seeking the help of his old partner, Rich, for some work to rebuild his life. Two cops (Paul Calderon and James Remar) are on the trail for this two men, trying to catch them in the act so they’ll go to jail for life.

      Gun takes place in the mean streets of Detroit, just

      like all the other movies 50 Cent has made and his music videos. I don’t know if 50 Cent thought by having the movie in Detroit that nobody would see that his script is nothing more than Scarface with a facelift. Director Jessy Terrero gives us a bleak look at Detroit and he also manages to bring to life a sex scene with 50 Cent that seems to focus on him only, from his abs to his naked ass. Should we be worried here?

      Trying to make his movie, Scarface…I mean Gun, seem like it could happen right now, 50 Cent’s character likes to remind us how selling guns is the only way to be a somebody during these hard economic times. Professor 50 Cent if you ask me, the man can teach a class on how to be a baller and dress classy. I got to give 50 Cent some credit for maybe watching the news more than once a week, but trying to

      remind us how shitty times are right now with Val Kilmer in the picture is rough.

      When Gun is trying to show anyone who watches it how fun selling guns and stealing is, the cast is doing their best to out performer your local high school’s Friday night performance of Peter Pan. 50 Cent is laughing like an idiot half the time when he is crimin’ like a baller and Val Kilmer is doing his best to get his words out before he sits down for a break. Nobody in this movie seems to be taking this film as something buyers might enjoy.

      Along with the movie comes a soundtrack by 50 Cent and some hand pick artists. Either 50 Cent is not talented what-so-ever or he has run out of ideas. Sorry to be mean here but I think 50 Cent is a little retarded when it comes to the music in Gun.

      Quite possibly the best part about gun has to be the ...

      • Gun (Bluray), 2011 action film
      appearances from Night Court’s John Larroquette and Danny Trejo. My boy Danny Trejo is in the movie for about 5 minutes doing the stereotypical Mexican drug lord routine. And John Larroquette is a more powerful version of 50 Cent’s character that has very few words but you know he means business.

      The 2.35:1 aspect ratio, AVC encoding of Gun was not the best choice if you ask me. Since the movie was trying to go for a violent, dark feel to it you can’t help but wonder why some scenes are real bright. Some of the details in the characters seems to have almost been erased, which is kind of sad since this is a blu-ray release and other movies that have used this same transfer have done a better job.

      The DTS-HD 5.1 mix is just all out there. Actors voices tend to go in and out (better have a good ear) and the terrible soundtrack isn’t always booming like it should be. Whenever gun

      fire fills the screen the sound is turned all the way up. I mean the movie is called Gun so it would make sense to have the gunshots sound better than everything else, right?

      There is a trailer to the movie on the disc, nothing more than that. Maybe we can count the gun firing at the title screen as an extra since nothing that stupid would have ever been put on a disc. Wait maybe they were series…can you answer this for me 50 Cent?

      Gun takes a story we are familiar with and turns it into a movie with stupid things. Yeah I know my words might be harsh or retarded but I blame this movie for all it. If you want to see 50 Cent’s naked ass, Val Kilmer barely making past a scene before he needs a nap and Danny Trejo for 5 whole minutes then Gun is freaking awesome. But since normal people don’t want something like that you have better pass on Gun.

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