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  • Picking up the game and thinking it is going to be the best FPS on the market will only make you wish horrible things upon Gearbox
  • Even though the character mouths don’t sync right, I thought the voice work was well done
  • In today’s world, in the FPS genre, that is amazing

    • by Sami Oughanem


      How is one supposed to approach Duke Nukem Forever, a game that has been in development for more than 10 years? Picking up the game and thinking it is going to be the best FPS on the market will only make you wish horrible things upon Gearbox. If you decide to pick up Duke Nukem Forever and accept the fact that the game should have been released 7 years ago then you’ll be happy that a new Duke Nukem game is actually out on store shelves.

      We all know the legal issues behind Duke Nukem Forever, but I’ll give you a small break down so you hopefully understand the key part about the game. 3D Realms started work on the game in 1997. Financial issues occurred when 3D Realms was almost near the 11th hours of making the game gold, which would have saw a released much sooner than 2011. Take-Two Interactive, who owned the publishing rights, sued 3D Realms and Duke Nukem Forever and the character was pretty much put to


      Income Gearbox Software to buy the rights to the Duke Nukem Forever game and the characters. Gearbox would hire old staff members from 3D Realms to put some minor finishing touches to the game, but overall Duke Nukem Forever was already done. This is the part where some reviewers are completely forgetting, how the game was done years ago and should have been released. All Gearbox is doing is charging the typical price gamers will spend on FPS titles and on a title that has a character that is so loved. It is business people.

      The games story is plain and simple. Duke Nukem has it all in life. The babes, beer, trophies, and enough money to buy the world, but he chooses not to since he is Duke Nukem. Out of nowhere the same aliens Duke killed and sent packing, come back and take all the women and Duke Nukem’s beer. Instead of hanging around and letting the government take action, Duke goes into action and does what he does back, kick ass and chew bubble gum.

      Duke Nukem shows its age pretty fast within the first few minutes of the game. Character models don’t have that smooth look to them, polygons are visible, and characters eyes have that lazy look to them. Just in general all of the finer details in the game are not what you’d expect from a game that might have come out today. Back when this game should have been released it would have looked good, but since technology in the industry is almost changing daily you can see how Duke Nukem Forever is not the best looking title.

      Even though the character mouths don’t sync right, I thought the voice work was well done. Jon St. John takes the role of Duke Nukem again and he hits out of the park with classic quotes from the Duke and even some new ones. The whole voice team did a fantastic job for a group of people who worked on a game that might have never come out.

      I wish ...

      • Duke Nukem Forever, PS3 Game
      I could praise the games music but it is pretty bad. What makes the music so bad, not that it’s generic, is how it loops at the worst points? You’ll be playing a level and out of nowhere the music stops, loops back to the start, plays for a few seconds and then does the whole process again. This happens more than it should and then it will get the sound effects all messed up too. During some of the games stages I had nothing come out of Duke Nukem because the music wanted to loop every minute.

      There is a mild choice of extras to complete when Duke Nukem Forever is complete. This game will take you a good while to beat. You’re looking at around 10 to 12 hours of gameplay. In today’s world, in the FPS genre, that is amazing! Duke Nukem Forever is quite the challenge too so expect to die a good amount and sit thru the worst part of the game, the loading screen.

      What happened

      with the games loading? Before stages start you have to sit through a 1 to 2 minute load screen. Since stages are broken up into parts, usually 2 to 3 parts, the stage will randomly end, giving you another loading screen. I beat one part in a stage in 5 minutes and then I had to sit and watch the loading screen. But that isn’t the worst part, when you die you have to sit through those load screens too. It is a gamer’s nightmare!

      Duke Nukem Forever also offers online play. I tried to get into some games a few dozen times but it either took way too long to search the current games, all of them were full, or nobody would join mine. It looks like the online community is decent enough and I couldn’t blame them for playing this game online. The more you play and win you can unlock goods for your apartment. There is a lot there too from random items to fun ones, like an air hockey table.

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