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  • While this was certainly a decent movie, I think that the aforementioned Iron Man sequel was more enjoyable
  • I don't think it's anything mind-blowing or game changing, but it's a fun watch
  • It's definitely worth a rental, if nothing else

    • by David Finniss


      Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues with the second “Thor” movie. Interestingly enough, while events from “The Avengers” are alluded to, this acts much more as a sequel to the first movie than the superhero ensemble flick.

      I had high hopes for this one as it had gotten good reviews, especially compared to “Iron Man 3″. While this was certainly a decent movie, I think that the aforementioned Iron Man sequel was more enjoyable. It may have more plot holes, but it also brought more to the table.

      This movie takes a while to get going. As was the case with the first movie, a lot of the stuff that happens

      on Earth isn’t all that exciting. It isn’t until the plot moves to Asgard when the plot finally starts to pick up.

      Credit where it’s due, Kat Dennings is a lot more tolerable in this movie. She isn’t as prominent, but more than that, they actually gave her some funny lines, which made her role as the “comic relief” a bit more justified.

      One thing that continues to vex me is the fact that the universe can’t decide what Thor is. It wants the fantasy elements (magic, other realms) but also tries to shoehorn in real world science. The “realms” here are painted simply as other worlds in our universe. That would be fine, but they’ve already established other universes and dimensions with both the Chitauri and this movie’s villains: the dark elves.

      I had high hopes for the dark elves, ancient beings that existed since before the birth of our universe. While they do present a very real threat (besting the Asgardians in battle and threatening all of reality) there wasn’t much umph behind them. They were just kind of there to be there. Even Chris Eccleston couldn’t do anything to make these guys stand out in any real way.

      Luckily, Loki is there to make up the difference. Granted, he’s more of an anti-hero here, but he’s still a blast to ...

      watch. He and Thor have a great dynamic and the scenes the two have together are the highlight of the movie. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I have to give credit to the shapeshifting sequence, more specifically, a certain cameo by a fellow Avenger. It was amazing.

      From what I’ve heard, one point of contention was the way the finale played out. As a result of the world’s aligning, portals are opening up. This gets taken to the eleventh degree during the final battle as people and things are rapidly moved from one world to another.

      It’s quite a bit of fun. Admittedly, it gets rather silly (poor

      Mjolnir), but for me, that was part of the charm. Without that goofiness, I think the finale would have felt samey. You can only do big city destroying action set pieces so many times before you start to get bored of it. The humor helped make it stand out and made it more engaging.

      The movie’s a fun watch. I don’t think it’s anything mind-blowing or game changing, but it’s a fun watch. It’s definitely worth a rental, if nothing else. It was a stronger entry than the first Thor movie, but I still feel like there’s room for improvement with the franchise. Here’s hoping the third time is the real charm.

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