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  • No, I'm not a prude but it's definitely a tv show I can't watch with my mom hovering behind me
  • So there went my opportunity to spazz over one amazing tv show
  • So I decided to give episode 1 another try
  • I think the beauty in this show is that it's very realistic
  • But if you're someone looking for a really fantastic show to entertain your boring nights, well this is for you

    • by Katrina C.

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      It’s been awhile since some of my friends urged me to watch the really popular tv show Game of Thrones. There’s hype all over it from the internet but I never did give in to any of these. I mean, I did try to watch its first episode back when it first aired but well, as a girl, some scenes can be a little bit too much. No, I’m not a prude but it’s definitely a tv show I can’t watch with my mom hovering behind me. So, I skimmed and skipped some parts, got the basic gist (or not really) and then decided the show just isn’t for me. So there went my

      opportunity to spazz over one amazing tv show.

      Now, it’s been what, four years since it first aired. I still didn’t watch it and still wouldn’t be interested in changing that fact if it weren’t for some of my male friends spazzing over the release of season 4. No, they didn’t scream and fangirl but the spazzed– the manly way or so they say. So, they told me “It’s a man show. We understand if you don’t watch it.” I don’t know how you guys take this line but this definitely sounded like a challenge for me. So I decided to give episode 1 another try… and ended up finishing the entire season.

      I don’t know how I couldn’t have liked it the first time I saw it but the case now is totally the opposite. I am now officially a Game of Thrones fanatic. There was so much drama, betrayal and excitement in each and every episode that you can’t help but thirst for the next one. I think the beauty in this show is that it’s very realistic. Like my friends call it, “it’s a man show” (not intended to be sexist). It doesn’t go like a fairytale. If you thought the person is untouchable because he or she is like the lead actor, well you’re wrong. Any lead cast can die without a moment’s notice.

      • The Game of Thrones Season 1
      While that could be a bummer for some (it was a bummer for me at first too), well as the show goes on, you realize that it still has the same thrill and dramas before the said actor died. Like a real bitter life story, life in the show goes on. Wars are waged, battles are fought and secrets are revealed.

      The plot itself is amazing, thanks to the original book author George RR Martin. The actors are superb. You could hate or love someone almost for real. Plus, the music is rad. It’s suitable but well… The opening credits sound like the background music to some game geeks play and it sometimes could

      get stuck in your head. Sooner or later you’ll find yourself humming to some geeky song and you probably won’t even mind!

      I don’t know how this show could possibly bore anyone. I don’t know I ever was able to put down this show. But if you’re someone looking for a really fantastic show to entertain your boring nights, well this is for you. And if you’re one of the girls (or maybe boys even) who thought this reeked too much testosterone for you to actually like it? Well, think again. I’m pretty sure once you rewatch the first episode and actually pay attention to the story, you’ll be one of the people humming its opening credits anytime soon.

Izah says :

OMG. JUST. OMG. jelly
Lady Sanzenin replies :

Of what? :) hahaha
Dylan B. says :

Excellent start to an excellent tv series.
Lady Sanzenin replies :

Sad to say, we can’t the same for it’s ending, aye?
casey says :

This show is absolutely amazing, season one is by far my favorite I think that Sean Bean was such an excellent part of the cast
Lady Sanzenin replies :

There are many rumors for Lady Stoneheart in the upcoming season 6. Makes me hope, Sean Bean could be somehow resurrected too… or in some twisted event, didn’t actually die haha
Azriel says :

I have never really thought I would love to watch this series. I am a fan of movies or series that has anything related to the medieval times. I have been hesitant though when a friend was telling me there is nudity and some taboo relationships in this series. But for whatever adult content this has, it has even better story to watch out for that you will always want to watch more than you think you can handle.
Lady Sanzenin replies :

I know right? This isn’t some fifty shades style of show where people insist they watch it for the story haha Who are they kidding? But here, when you talk about Game of thrones and say you watch it for the story then hell yeah, I can totally believe you.
Jessica Zarrillo says :

re : But if you’re someone looking for a really fantastic show to entertain your boring nights, well this is for you
I have to agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. As always, it comes down to who you’re watching it with, and what kind of content you enjoy watching with others. Game of Thrones is a GREAT series to watch with your friends, but I can see it being an uncomfortable show to watch alongside your parents or siblings, depending on the circumstances.
Usually, almost every episode contains at least a little bit of sex, nudity, foul language, violence, death, or more. Certain episodes and themes within the show are simply not appropriate to watch alongside your parents (if they’re strict) or younger children.
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