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  • With the blessings of it's directors Chris Buck who directed The Little Mermaid and Jennifer Lee who was the director of one of my favourite movies Wreck It Ralph , this movie delivered more than I expected it to deliver
  • Especially, the castle which I discussed above was the best thing the movie had
  • It was all done with perfection, I really enjoyed it

    • by Hamza Butt


      After my cousin told me that an animation movie titled “Frozen” is leading the box-office. I knew this movie had some great odds of getting on top of my best animation movies list with “Tangled”. Tangled was released in 2010 with a great funny, hooking story and heart conquering music, which still rules the hearts of many animation lovers. With the blessings of it’s directors “Chris Buck” who directed “The Little Mermaid” and “Jennifer Lee” who was the director of one of my favourite movies “Wreck It Ralph”, this movie delivered more than I expected it to deliver.

      The story revolves around two sisters. When they were young, they were joyous playmates. But one of the sister Named Elsa had some special powers…the power to turn anything into ice by a finger touch. One day, as a result of heightened

      emotions, Elsa zaps her sister. Who was then healed by a magical troll king. The event was erased from her mind, but it left scars on their relationship. After the event, Elsa’s parents locked her in a room to keep Anna safe, and closed the castle. But as they reach adolescence it was Elsa’s turn to take over the thrown. While Anna turns out to be a quirky and nervous girl, Elsa stays distant and harsh with gloved hands so that no one knows what she is capable of.

      But when a visiting prince named “Hans” voiced by Santino Fontana sets his eyes on Anna, he triggers Elsa’s anger and she unintentionally turns the sunny and perfect kingdom into a never-ending winter. Confused and fearful Elsa dashes away from the kingdom. On her way to the highest and furthest mountain, she sings a song “Let It Go” which is a sign that now she is independent and happy alone and doesn’t cares what the world thinks about her. She then builts an ice castle in the mountains (which was literally designed and detailed and beautified to perfection).

      The story then settles in on Anna’s quest to bring her sister back and to restore the normal order of the kingdom. On her quest, she finds an underemployed ice salesman and his friend sidekick (a reindeer). They all meet a cute little snowman “Olaf” voiced by Josh Gad, who has a dream to laze in warmth of summer. The destination was filled with quite a lot of surprises, that I very much liked in this movie. Some of them showup out of nowhere. But the big one that holds the position of ...

      • Frozen 2013 Animation (Movie)
      a game changer…is not only for the little girls but for all viewers, which in my opinion gives this movie an edge over other unrealistic movies.

      The thing I liked about this movie was that it produces emotions that kids can relate to, and not only kids but even adults fell for it. I remember the scene when Elsa ran away in to the mountains, with a frustration and anger of not being able to control her own powers, which again made her isolated in her life for the second time. That was a sad moment for me, and it not only had me, but my little sister also had tears in her eyes.

      One more thing which made my eyes shine about the movie was it’s animation. There wasn’t even a single catch in it. All of the characters were

      given such a perfect face, shape and character that best fits in the story. I’ve got to say hats off to Pixer for generating that quality work. The sceneries shown in the movie were just out of this world. Especially, the castle which I discussed above was the best thing the movie had.

      When it comes to animation movies, voice matters a lot too. Everyone in the voice department did a great job. I didn’t felt for a moment that any character should have a lighter or heavier voice according to its personality and character. It was all done with perfection, I really enjoyed it. Especially, I really liked the work of “Josh Gad” as the Snow man “Olaf”.

      If you are a fan of Disney classic movies then you’re going to enjoy Frozen a lot. I give this movie a solid 10.

Azriel says :

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Oh this the most repeated line over and over. Kids and adults alike have been so overwhelmed and have been Frostbitten by Anna and Elsa. I was not one of those that watched this movie immediately as it was showing in the moviehouses but Many friends and officemates have told me to watch it or lose half of my life Well Im glad I did watch it and sure I was hooked with ny nieces and enjoyed the soundtrack as Anna sings and Elsa too. Elsa’s statement, “the cold never bothered me anyway” is so powerful for me. It was like saying i couldn’t care less.
Moe says :

This is a movie that will become a cult classic. Olaf is the funniest Disney character that I’ve seen in a long time. The story was done beautifully, the songs were catchy but most of all exploring the relationship between Anna and Elsa was wonderful to me.
Jelly Rose Escueta says :

I can say it’s Disneys’ best movie ever that features a happy ending not by any prince charming who came out from nowhere in the middle of the story, but by valuing love for family. I remember Elsa’s famous line “You can’t marry a man you just met” good point that Disney emphasize this part. They also did very well in terms of music. Very catchy.
acey aquino says :

I agree with you Azriel, The story was built in a classic Disney animation for it’s catchy music that would leave you singing the songs over and and over again.
ynna says :

re : It was all done with perfection, I really enjoyed it
i really liked how the disney studio keeps intact the magical essence of its movies. not only did it things unconventionally by the typical saving-the-damsel-in-distress scenario but also filled with values which makes the movie more family oriented.
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