C-Rig Electronic Cigarette
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  • At the time of purchase it cost about 80 dollars at the local smoke shop
  • What I like best though, is no smoke means no secondhand smoke

    • by Meagan Dunford

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      I’ve been trying to transition from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes and have experimented with several fashions. At first I was working through disposables, but it became clear that I would need a more permanent solution. After talking with friends who were willing to let me sample their e-cigs, and knowing my own needs I began my search. Enter C-rig.

      At the time of purchase it cost about 80 dollars at the local smoke shop. It was to be blunt, cute. The mouthpiece is what made it so. The shape allowed you to watch and observe the vapor as it rolled out, which is admittedly just cool and for show. A good thing it’s just for show too, because the mouthpeice broke with 48 hours.

      Someone accidently sat on it (No butts were harmed in the making of this review.) So, the mouthpiece that comes with it needs to be handles with more care than your typical mouthpiece for a vaporizer. The shape is simply less durable. As such I have not replaced the mouthpiece with a similar one.

      Instead I crossbread, seeing as the mouthpiece is exchangeable with another mouthpiece given by a friend. You would think at this point I regretted buying this version in the firstplace. I don’t. Everything else about this product works just as you would expect. There’s no adjuster for strength or intensity like on some models, but it’s standard setting is smooth and fine.

      The weight is light, but solid. about

      that of a fancier pen and of course it fits in your pocket. The USB charger is unlike some other chargers, a bit heftier but tons more durable than my compatriots chargers. In fact, one of my friends likes to charge his on mine because he swears it charges faster.

      Since it’s comparable to other models I’d like to take a moment to mention some of the benefits of e-cigs in general. I’m going to stay out of health benefits though I’m using mine to ween my cigarette addiction, because the jury is still out on that.

      The lack of smoke smell is a benefit that can’t be ignored, and in vaporizers like this there’s the added benefit of being able to change the ...

      • C-Rig Electronic Cigarette
      flavor, and therefor the smell. Unlike your average cigarette that after kissing someone you feel like you’ve eaten their ashes, you can choose to flavor it. (I recommend baked good flavors) Not only don’t YOU smell like smoke, neither does your house. In fact, the scents are often more pleasurable than air fresheners.

      You know how much nicotene you’re getting, because you have to buy the filler yourself, which means you can fine tune control over your addiction.I will repeat what I’ve read, this doesn’t make it safer, but it is a variable that you don’t have as much control over with your standard cigarette.

      Cost wise, clearly these are more efficient. The e-cig only burns when you tell it to,and there’s not the

      pressure to smoke it up before it goes out. There’s no waste. You use all the product you buy at your own pace. No lighters means another few dollars here and there saved, no ashtrays means less mess.

      What I like best though, is no smoke means no secondhand smoke. This means that I don’t have to worry anymore about smoking or non-smoking areas, I can take a hit off of this in the middle of a restaurant meal, which in Michigan winters is no small relief.

      Overall, I’m happy with my c-rig, and the cute mouthpiece is something I will eventually replace even if it’s less hardy, because I like the concept, and knowing what I know now I can be more careful.

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