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  • The Dark World is a film in which I think that the team of Marvel reaches a whole new level in their skills
  • This film for me is definitely better than the first part in many ways, but also adding many new stuff to the storyline

    • by Svetoslav Bogdanov


      What happens when the gods lose their power to something more powerful and ancient than themselves, something primal - the complete darkness? “Thor :The Dark World” is a film in which I think that the team of Marvel reaches a whole new level in their skills… Expertly served storyline where I witnessed many breathtaking moments. The ups and downs made me sit on the edge of the seat, watching with tension. The film is filled with a great storm of emotions, very touching and visually beautiful moments that are really nice to see.

      And yet Marvel are true to themselves, and pour a verbal waterfall of jokes , banters and sometimes ridiculously funny situations in which the heroes find themselves. I think that the highlight of the

      film is precisely what the characters endure. For me a big advantage of the second part is the fact that they are paying more attention to the secondary characters. It can be seen that it is exactly the faithful warriors who are always ready to support even the wildest ideas - Sif, Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun are the strong support that every future king needs.

      Heimdall - the guardian who sees not only beyond the nine worlds, but also the true nature of people is again close next to Thor. The infinitely wise King Odin is shown in a new light. The slightly nutty, but still brilliant Dr. Selvig ( instill a god in the mind of man is not one of the healthiest things), the charming Darcy and the new addition to the team, which is known to all as the intern also played a key role in saving the world. Of particular note is one of the heroines, namely Frigga, the queen of Asgard. It is exactly her destiny that leads to a twist that changes the relationship in her family and brings new strength to fight for the nine worlds. Undoubtedly, however, the characters that make the film so vivid are the main characters. Jane - steadfast and true, ready to do anything in order for her to meet her god of thunder, and if necessary - to die for him.

      The angry and thirsty for vengeance, leader of the dark elfs Malekith, who is convinced that the blame for the death ...

      • Thor The Dark World Film
      of his race belongs entirely to the Asgardians. Thor - the prince of Asgard , who must take the heavy burden of the throne while retaining the humanity in himself. He is presented in a more different light - a little more reasonable and able to reflect on his actions and be aware of his responsibilities. And, of course, a character that is more suitable to be called the anti-hero of the story, Loki, the god of illusions.

      If there is something that makes him brilliant in this film it is just him perfectly playing his role in the atmosphere created by him. Exclusively personal motives, a raging anger and the thirst for revenge put him side by side with his brother, in whose shadow he has

      always been in a battle that is not in the powers of one person. Everything is about to change, all that they knew and was dear to them is threatened to disappear forever. Over the human world, Asgard and the other seven worlds hangs a huge threat - a dark shadow, able to encompass not only the kingdom of the sky, but also everything else.

      I had only one complaint and it was about the lack of many scenes of battle, but there were probably enough thought for most of the other viewers. I really liked, however, the dynamic of the scenes and the many funny moments. This film for me is definitely better than the first part in many ways, but also adding many new stuff to the storyline.

Sean Dodds says :

re : This film for me is definitely better than the first part in many ways, but also adding many new stuff to the storyline
I honestly thought that The Dark World film did not reach a whole new level through the Marvel team, because the special effects were not as impressive as some of the past marvel films and because the story line for me was hard to grasp, which for me made the film very boring.
Katherine says :

I think the story was good but not one of the best productions of Marvel’s universe, the story was too fast for me, suddenly I had to absorb an ancient race and how they translated from one dimension to another one, an evil power and it was all too fast. It was OK, I went to the movies to see it and I enjoyed the 3D effects, the fights, but it was more entertainment than a real story, like other movies that really impressed me. This one was like marketing, the jokes, the boring kiss between Jane and Thor, I was just entertained and it wasn’t a life-changing experience, because for me it is just a commercial movie.
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