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  • One of the best parts of the story mode are the unlockable video clips that serve as an introduction to Lucha culture

    • by Mackenzie Lambert


      It was the summer of 1996. The memory of that Monday night is still as strong today as it was that night. I was channel surfing on my TV. Just to stop the clicking of my remote, I left on a random channel. I was watching WCW Monday Nitro. At the time, I was not a wrestling fan and was in a period of disinterest. A match had started between two guys I never heard of: Dean Malenko and Rey Misterio Jr.

      Ten minutes later, I was hooked on wrestling. I was in awe of the performances by both men. Not long after the Malenko/Misterio match, I looked into the other cruiserweight talent like Eddy Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, Jushin Thunder Liger, Chris Benoit, Hector Garza, Great Sasuke, La Parka,

      and Hayabusa. Forget the nWo, it was the high-fliers that got me into wrestling again. It took a long time, but there is finally a video game that pays homage to the Mexican culture of Lucha Libre.

      AAA is the biggest wrestling promotion in Mexico. This is where the biggest names and the most noted talent performs or have performed. While not many American fans will recognize El Zorro or Chessman, they are like to know La Parka, Psicosis, Vampiro, and Konnan. Other characters can be unlocked in the game’s story mode.

      In the story mode, you play as either a tecnico (good guy) or rudo (bad guy). That decision will have determine the path of the story mode and who you will wrestle along with. As a tecnico, you will align yourself with La Parka. As a rudo, you will team up with Konnan.

      One of the best parts of the story mode are the unlockable video clips that serve as an introduction to Lucha culture. I admire the fact that wrestling in Mexico is sticking with the tried-and-true tradition of good guys and bad guys. There is none of this Sports Entertainment shade of gray business.

      There are a sizable number of match options. Singles, tag team, handicap, three-way and fatal four way are selections. They can be customized to include stipulations line elimination mode and hardcore. It may not seem like a lot, but it is a strong foundation to build upon.

      The controls can be awkward, but the player will eventually get used to them. The grapples work much ...

      • AAA Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring, game (PS3)
      like those of the Nintendo 64 AKI games. You use a shoulder button to grapple and perform a move using the face buttons. Submission moves and turnbuckle attacks work the same as those in the current Smackdown series by Yuke’s. Reversals will take some practice to unleash.

      The create-a-wrestler feature has a number of options to fiddle with. Clothing and physical features can be heavily edited with. However, you will spend a lot of time designing your mask. This really hits home the significance of masks in the Mexican wrestling culture. Move sets aren’t deep as they are in either Smackdown or Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. There no more than 200 moves in the entire game.

      One of the biggest problems with the game is its tendency to

      delete your character data. I would create a character for the story mode. After playing a few matches I would stop. When I came back to play more, I would have to start all over again. While the story mode is fun and informative, its not worth sitting down and playing through in a single sitting. That is unacceptable for the developer to push this on the player.

      As a whole, AAA Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring is a decent wrestling game. It has its shortcomings, notably the story mode that deletes your data. Immersion Software & Graphics are likely not to make another one due to the low sales of the game. If you’re curious to actually play this game, you can find it for around 15 bucks and at most retailers.

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