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  • Before the Mask is a very interesting novel, though it does not have the dynamics of the original trilogy of Weis and Hickman or of the book Legend of Huma by Richard Knaak

    • by Svetoslav Bogdanov


      This is the first book of the series “Dragonlance”, which describes the path of the better known shady characters of the story of the darkness. The first story about the sinking into darkness villain is that of Lord Verminaard, an antagonist in the first and original book of the cycle, “Dragons of Autumn Twilight.” Verminaard was born during a cold winter night in a cave and raised by Lord Daeghrefn, a knight who gave up from the Solamnic order, who at least formally accepts him as a son. However, he raises the boy with no love and constantly bullying him. The reason

      for this is that Verminaard actually is a result of the passion of another knight, Laca, a distant descendant of the legendary Huma.

      When a mutual agreement between the castle of Nidus of Daeghrevn and Laca rally together Verminaard with his real brother Aglaka, the two begin a similar path that will confront them in front of fateful choices. Because lurking in the shadows is Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness and the evil goddess still remembers the humiliation that she suffered by the lance of the brave knight. However, she has chosen to make his last descendant in a champion of darkness for herself - and if the brave and good Aglaka manages to resist the tempting whispers in his dreams, it seems that the mighty Verminaard is craving for the dark secrets. Of course, at the end out of the two brothers there can remain only one…

      “Before the Mask” is a very interesting novel, though it does not have the dynamics of the original trilogy of Weis and Hickman or of the book “Legend of Huma” by Richard Knaak. However, I think that it presents a very interesting parallel of biographies of the two brothers, the handsome and fierce Verminaard and the slender ...

      • Before The Mask Book by Michael and Teri Williams
      and calm Aglaka who really are like mirror images of themselves - they are both alike and different at the same time. I really think that the end of the book is predictable from the events in “Dragons of Autumn Twilight,” but the way to reach it is interesting and fascinating. While reading the book it became really evident to me that the authors are especially good at recreating the contrast between the brothers in each plan - the way they talk , the way they think, what they feel, how they fight and also the way in which they embrace the
      magic - the dark spells of Takhisis for Verminaard and the light prayers towards Paladin of Aglaka.

      I also think that especially strong is the finale of the book, the choice towards the darkness of Verminaard and the manner in which Aglaka tried to oppose it - in a way that would do a real friend and brother - with love and pain, rather than with a desire for retribution. Because of this also the end of the book is melancholic and even heartbreaking, but it does not make the way in which Verminaard puts the mask on his face a less of an exciting adventure.

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