Wolfsbane Book by Andrea Cremer
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  • The academy of the Seekers is amazing with its history and strength
  • I think that in this novel every reader will find something
  • If you were not impressed by the first story, this will surely light a fire in each person who has touched the wonderful wolf stories

    • by Svetoslav Bogdanov


      I recently found on the book market the continuation of the successful novel “Nightcrawler”. The novel, named “Wolfsbane” returns the readers to the world of the Guardians, the Keepers and their enemies the Seekers. It will show us the consequences of the choises of the young alpha Kala. It will reveal to us some long kept secrets. It will put us in front of some unexpected questions. We will find out about some unexpected allies and we’ll meet some unexpected friends. Confused, the she-wolf wakes up chained and in a strange place. The memories of the past events invade her memory and a sense of guilt cuts through her ​​mind. A guilt towards the tricked Shey, towards the abandoned pack of hers, towards the betrayed Ren. At this point, her confusion has been replaced by strong anger - in the room where she is

      enters a Seeker. The enemy, in the combat with whom she has been created, opens the door and offers help to her. Help and truth. Confused, but strong Kala assess her possibilities and chooses to listen to him. He starts to show her around a completely strange world for her - a world of love, true friendship, but also respect.

      Some things that Kala has not even suspected that her enemies are capable of. She finds Shey to be safe and advanced with days in familiarizing himself to the world around them. The academy of the Seekers is amazing with its history and strength. The discoveries, however, are still alarming. After the attack at the mansion the she-wolf has slept for almost a week. The horror of this discovery throws Kala at some dark thoughts about what she has left behind. And more importantly

      - what happened to her pack. Her friends , her family, her home. But above all else, she must choose who to believe.

      The Seekers begin little by little to tell her their story. The true story. And it fits with everything - the lies, the manipulations, the control and the oppression. This further confuses the young alpha. But she is not alone - Shey is next to her. His story also emerges on the surface - unexpected but logical. The two of them find strength in each other. Also in the company of some of the Seekers they feel good and decide that they would trust them. At least for now. They ask Kala for alliance with the promise that they would save her pack so this promise wins her over. Both her and Shey and the squad of Haldis embark on a ...

      • Wolfsbane Book by Andrea Cremer
      dangerous mission to rescue the young wolves.

      Within two days the squad tries to get to the pack of Kala. Along the way they encounter horrible stories and reveal painful truths. After heavy fighting, lost friends, tears dropped, but also some fading hopes they manage to return safely to the Academy. There they manage to find peace. At least temporarily. At least for the survivors. There the anguish of Kala are accentuated even more. Shey is inseparably next to her. Everything seems to be coming into place with the two of them. But from the shadows of fear and shame of Kala comes out Ren - the fiance and the husband who is determined for her. The one who she abandoned at the altar. The one who helped her escape. The one to whom she promised to return. The one who is ready to sacrifice

      everything - even himself.

      I think that in this novel every reader will find something. It is filled with intrigue, action and love and it grabs you from the first page. And it does not let go to the end. I read it in 4 attempts (it is 315 pages) and it was so much because I just knew that at 4 am it was time for me to go to sleep. I found it very captivating. I felt the hope and the love of the characters. I experienced the pain and smiles with them. I recommend the series. If you were not impressed by the first story, this will surely light a fire in each person who has touched the wonderful wolf stories. I can only wish to those who have the pleasure to grab for the first time “Wolfsbane” a nice time reading it.

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