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  • I strongly recommend to everyone to read his books

    • by Svetoslav Bogdanov


      The world that Martin creates is not like most fantasy books. In the storyline of his books there are no orcs, no elves and other kinds of creatures. His saga is closer to reality while not shunning the genre.

      His first book is called “A Game of Thrones.” A dark medieval atmosphere and constant clashes between kingdoms and their vassal houses. Kingdoms in a battle for dominance. Everyone is fighting for the Iron Throne - whoever wins it and defeats the others, dominates over everything and everyone. The houses in the book are : Arryn, Florent, Frey, Lannister, Martell, Tully, Tyrell and Stark. Each character serves their cause and inspires us in their adventure and battles.

      Besides these kingdoms

      that are fighting among themselves, in the north ( The snowy Wall), where is the border of the world, there are fierce battles between the so-called “Sworn Brothers of the Night’s Watch”, the savage hordes and the army of the dead that are called the Others. I will try to tell you roughly what’s going on in “Game of Thrones.” At the beginning these seven kingdoms were united in one, ruled with an iron hand by a strong dynasty called Egon. The last king of this dynasty was a bad ruler, crazy and harassing the people. A Civil War enthroned a new King, Robert Baratheon. The last hope to regain the throne of the dynasty were an underage boy and a girl through which to regain the throne from the so-called “Usurper” - Robert Baratheon.

      Robert Baratheon’s rule is weak, as he is the first of his dynasty, who rule the Iron Throne. Since the administration of Robert is quite bad, his first counselor dies under strange circumstances. He is replaced with Lord Eddard Stark. Eddard Stark agrees with a risk for his family and moves to King Robert with almost all of his family, where are tied strange political intrigues. But not everyone is happy with the rule of Robert and thus is produced fragmentation and constant battles for supremacy between the houses.

      At the same time everything is set in a world of eternal summer and ...

      • A Game Of Thrones Book by George R.R. Martin
      pleasures. Little by little, however, the summer turns into an autumn, and from an autumn - into a long winter. With the autumn and the winter begins a long and difficult war. With the sharp change of the climate also starts the Game of Thrones. With the coming of winter and getting colder, the seven kingdoms at war are also faced with a huge threat which is hordes of savages, without discipline and order, capable of destroying everything in their path. To stop the savage hordes of the north, the Kingdom built a giant wall of ice called The Wall. The Wall with numerous forts and castles is protected by the Black Watch. Volunteers and criminals exiled are
      sworn with an oath to protect the realm of humans from savages and all that exists beyond the Wall. For the people of the Seven Kingdoms “beyond the Wall” means the end of the world.

      This is what I can tell you for the first part of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

      “A Game of Thrones” has won many awards. But also I think that George R.R. Martin achieves something unique. He manages to catch the attention of his readers from the beginning of the books and keeps it to the very end. I strongly recommend to everyone to read his books. They are not worth a lot and each one is about 800 pages. But if ordered together there are discounts made.

Azriel says :

The awards this book has won are well deserved. The book has really made me think as a reader and the story has kept me interested in it as it has never been predictable. The reactions and actions of each character has always led the stories to a more possibilities that as a reader, we would never expect to happen. This book is for those that love medieval setting, kings and queens, oppression and the victory therein. It is a fiction but is very much real in terms of what could really have happened to a real life hero as any human fighting for the truth can be martyred.

Svetoslav replies :

You are completely right. The characters are amazingly writtern and with such debt that for me the fantasy elements in the book do not seem that important, as the characters are the most interesting part of the books, as well as the whole atmosphere of the world in it.

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