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  • I'm not exactly dark skinned by Asian standards, but recently I decided to have fairer skin anyway
  • While other supplements cost from Php1,500 to Php3,000 per 60 capsules, Ishigaki only fetches Php380 per bottle of 30 capsules
  • It's definitely a steal at least for my tight budget
  • I bought two bottles with 30 capsules each online
  • I would have loved to continue using it if not for the LBM problem

    • by divinagwapa


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      I’m not exactly dark skinned by Asian standards, but recently I decided to have fairer skin anyway. My goal is not to be as white as Westerners which is genetically impossible, but what I want was a more uniform skin throughout my body.

      In my search for a skin whitening product, I stumbled upon Ishigaki L-Glutathione supplement. It has some good reviews about it so I decided to give it a try. Not only that but it is also more affordable than other reputedly more effective choices in the market. While other supplements

      cost from Php1,500 to Php3,000 per 60 capsules, Ishigaki only fetches Php380 per bottle of 30 capsules. Since I have to take 2 per day for my whitening purpose, my expense only adds up to Php760. It’s definitely a steal at least for my tight budget.

      I took Ishigaki for a month. I bought two bottles with 30 capsules each online. Each capsule has 600 mg of glutathione, a recommended dosage for whitening purposes. I take one in the morning and another at night after my meal. I also take it together with 500 mg Vitamin C to boost the glutathione’s effectiveness.

      Two weeks after my use, I noticed some mildly visible changes. The darker parts of my body are certainly lightening up but the big surprise for me was how it affected my face. Thankfully, I did not suffer from break outs like others did. Instead what I experienced was something good. I’ve had pimple scar problems for months and Ishigaki worked like a charm. It did not magically erased my scars overnight but it did noticeably lighten up. Even my friends ...

      • Ishigaki L-Glutathione Whitening Food Supplement
      and family noticed.

      Apparently, what others are saying about having your skin glow is also true. I did not notice it after two weeks as some claimed though. It happened during my third week of use. Unfortunately, at this point, I also experienced a set back. While my skin is becoming whiter, my lose bowel problem is getting worse. I had to go to the bathroom twice in the morning and a couple more throughout the day. It was becoming a major inconvenience to a point that I’d rather give up on having

      whiter skin than suffer the side effect.

      At the same time, I don’t want to waste money so I just finished up the two bottles and did not ordered for more.

      All in all, I’d like to be reasonable on my rating so I’m giving Ishigaki L-Glutathione a 6. It works as a whitening product. There is certainly no question about that. I would have loved to continue using it if not for the LBM problem. But again, the side effect is not something I can handle so I’m giving it up for the time being.

danica says :

Hi how can I order? Do u ship here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia? How much will it cost for 5 bottles pls convert the price into Peso (php) thanks.
Marg says :

Danica, you can purchase these from Amazon. They offer international shipping to Saudi Arabia. You can check price and purchase here:
Zulfiqar says :

Well it depends on the seller if they ship it outside U.S, usually some items are not shipped by Amazon to countries outside U.S, so you better check if they ship it overseas.
Nanao says :

Hi, I’ve been looking for this product, does it ship to India?? Any other external link??
Galega says :

This product is not available in India. However, there are many Glutathione alternatives available in the Indian market. You can find them on Amazon India website.
Sherwin says :

Hello. I am a regular Ishigaki Glutathione user.

If you are in the Philippines you can order from

I believe they are the official distributor locally. From what I have experienced they sell authentic Ishigaki Glutathione products. I hope this helps.
quick note by anonymous :

Where did you buy it at 380php per bottle??
Leah Mae says :

hi, as far as I know ishigaki glutathione price ranges from 900-1,500php here in the philippines. Be careful in buying cheap drugs because it might come with a great price for your health. there lotion is for 400php which is the cheapest product for ishigaki, you can buy it to
Angel says :

How many times you can take it in a day?
Galega says :

You can take it two times a day (BDS). You should also consider taking a Vitamin C capsule daily for better result.
Angela says :

Hi,im from kuala lumpur malaysia..can i know how to buy the ishigaki whitening capsole?
catalino rivera says :

you can check i order my ishi there
also fb: elitebeautymanila

ishi review somehow true. its my 1.5 mos taking it. though i have still brown complexion esp on my arms, it glows when it is near the light… but my face’s skin improved 2 shades lighter whch is darker before
Bernie says :

Hi, i just want to ask for an advice if i have to continue to take Ishigaki glutathione cause i notice a red itchy rashes in my arm and in my thight. I did not take any capsules only this stuff with Vit C. Thank you
Galega says :

Red rashes coupled with itching sensation is a clear sign of allergic reaction. You should immediately discontinue taking Ishigaki. It is possible that you are allergic to Glutathione that’s why this is happening.
Kaeyce says :

Are there any side effects like kidney damage while taking ishigaki? Do you need a rest period after taking it for a while?
Galega says :

It is all about following instructions and being below the daily recommended dose. If you do so, there won’t be any problem for you.
adekunle aminat says :

Can a pregnant woman take L-gluthathione,if yes how many capsule per day
Galega says :

Yes, pregnant women can take L-glutathione. However, you are required to consult a doctor for proper dose. Your medical history needs to be taken care of while deciding about your dose.

Glutathione can help to tackle oxidative stress that happens during pregnancy.
jemalyn says :

can i take even i have a baby hes 8months and i use breastmilk
Galega says :

You should not take it at this juncture. You can start taking it only after discontinuing to breastfeed your baby.
Joms says :

Where did you buy online?
Jennifer Davis says :

Hi it is available on here:

It is $ 38.95 plus the cost of shipping which is about $ 5 for standard shipping. However, if you are an Amazon Prime Member than shipping is free.
Bernie says :

I bought it in Lazada
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