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  • Gamers has every right to be angry with Capcom for this cheap move, given the game was full-price and none of the new characters would be available for DLC

    • by Mackenzie Lambert


      Marvel Vs. Capcom was regarded by fans as a series fans could only dream of. Two of the biggest entertainment companies were going to have their famous characters clash. The most geeky of fantasy bouts could be settled. Who would win? Ryu or Spider-Man? Guile or Captain America? It was over ten years since Marvel Vs. Capcom II. How would the much-anticipated third installment come out?

      Lacking a plot, the arcade mode for Marvel Vs. Capcom III is a series of three-vs-three elimination bouts. After making your way through the game’s roster, you’ll encounter Galactus. He was difficult enough on medium. I can only imagine how impossible it is to beat him at a higher level of difficulty. Your reward for defeating Galactus is a pair of images that pass for a cutscene.

      Other than unlocking a few other characters and some audio/images, there is little reason to play through the game with the entire roster.

      The collection of characters is impressive, overall. Capcom lets gamers play as the likes of Ryu, Dante, Chris Redfield, Morrigan, and Mike Haggar. Marvel is represented by Spider-Man, Deadpool, Wolverine, Hulk, Storm, and Thor. Characters that can be unlocked feature Taskmaster and a Sentinel. For DLC, Shuma-Gorath and Jill Valentine are available.

      One area of contention, on the part of gamers, was the release of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom III. This full-priced version of the game had 12 additional characters not playable in the previous edition of Marvel Vs. Capcom III. New characters include Phoenix Wright, Hawkeye, Nemesis, Rocket Raccoon, and Ghost Rider. Gamers has every right to be angry with Capcom for this cheap move, given the game was full-price and none of the new characters would be available for DLC. This didn’t make any more friends for Capcom after the disastrous Tekken Cross Street Fighter.

      Controls can be simplified for rookie players of fighting games. Special attack button combinations were streamlined. Special team attacks could be activated at the push of a shoulder button. While veterans may have whined and moaned, it was great for someone like who isn’t a frequent player of fighting games.

      The cel-shading of the players reference the comic style of Marvel. There is a lot of detail in the character models. The backgrounds are filled with animations to entertain spectators. The screen turns to a bright flash of blue when you perform crossover attacks. If you’re prone to seizures, play with caution.

      The sound design is a treat.

      • Marvel Vs. Capcom III, game (2011)
      Long-time fans of Capcom will recognize the music of past video game titles. Resident Evil, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, and Street Fighter II make up the musical tapestry for the levels. The Marvel tracks left much to be desired, sounding very bland. Fan service by using the classic TV theme for The Incredible Hulk or the Spider-Man theme as performed by the Ramones would have been much appreciated. Was it too much of a stretch to get some AC/DC or Black Sabbath for Iron Man?

      The voice-acting features the talent fans know and love. A number of the voice actors for Capcom’s premiere titles return. The key aspect is the talent for the Marvel characters. Steve Blum returns for Wolverine. Nolan North plays Deadpool. Here is where the game shines.

      There is online multiplayer. What else

      can be said? Fighting games were always about local multiplayer for me. At least then I didn’t have to deal with my opponent spamming the same cheap move over and over again. While not the developers’ fault, it is a detriment to the integrity of the online console gaming community.

      While a functioning title, there is not much to be said of this game. If it were only a year to develop, that’s one thing. This game was made over a decade after the last installment. All we’re given is pretty much more of the same. It doesn’t feel like the epic game that Injustice: Gods Amongst Us felt like. Due to the cheap price tag, Marvel Vs. Capcom III is an easy purchase at this point in time. Personally, I recommend downloading Marvel Vs. Capcom II instead.

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