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  • Unfortunately, Colonel Radek (Christopher Connelly) the commanding officer, sets off the explosives early, killing many of the platoon and leaving Ransom severely injured

    • by Mackenzie Lambert


      Italian films of the early 70’s to late 80’s had a reputation of knocking off American hit films. Despite the low budgets, the films had a charming quality about them. Director Bruno Mattei was one of a number of directors to make a career of delivering the mockbuster prototype by taking the concepts of hit films from the States and making films to capitalize on that success. With films like Commando and the Rambo series raking in the box office cash, Mattei made one of his own action films.

      Sgt, Michael Ransom (Reb Brown) is leading a small platoon into an enemy compound. Their mission is to set up

      explosive in the compound. Unfortunately, Colonel Radek (Christopher Connelly) the commanding officer, sets off the explosives early, killing many of the platoon and leaving Ransom severely injured. Ransom falls into a river and drifts his way until he’s found by villagers. While recovering, Ransom becomes friends with a boy in the village, who dreams of going to America.

      One day, the village is under siege by Russian forces. Ransom tries to save them, but the village is decimated. Ransom sets out on a mission of vengeance on the Russians and Radek. He soon finds out where Radek and the Russian forces are hiding. Ransom’s retribution must been seen to be believed.

      For a brief as the past two paragraphs, that’s all the plot that can be mustered for this film. Pathos or depth were never a characteristic of Mattei’s films. Look no further than cult classics like Hell of the Living Dead and Rats: Nights of Terror. Despite this film being a cheap rip-off, its an entertaining film to watch.

      Reb Brown will be best known as the lead hero in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 classic Space Mutiny. Although fans will known him under the names Fist Rockbone, Slab Bulkhead, and Big McLarge Huge. His performance as Ransom makes for one of the more ...

      • Strike Commando, movie (1987)
      entertaining action heroes, bring more personality than either Stallone or Schwarzenegger. He outcamps his work in the 1979 Captain America film. The scenes he shares with the boy in the village are a riot and border on self-aware spoof.

      Despite feeling like this was a paycheck film, Christopher Connelly makes for a decent antagonist. He plays the character with little charisma, which makes for a strong contrast to Brown’s over-the-top delivery. Connelly might be better known to Italian horror fans as an archeologist haunted by Egyptian spirits in Manhattan Baby from director Lucio Fulci.

      The script for Strike Commando was co-written by Claudio Fragrasso. With Mattei, they have worked

      on a number of horror schlock titles like Hell of the Living Dead and Zombi3. Fragrasso is responsible for a number of b-movie classic, notably Monster Dog with Alice Cooper and Troll 2. When you see these two paired in the credits, you’re in for a good time.

      Strike Commando will be tough to find. Although, versions of the film can be found on Amazon and other retailers, they might be priced higher than you’d want to pay for. You’re better off looking for those cheap movie collections. If you like movies that are “so bad they’re good,” give this one 90 minutes of your time. You won’t regret it.

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