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  • I'll admit that her later scenes almost got me to tear up
  • Despite the cheap shots in Gamer and the blatant moneygrabbers like the live action Resident Evil films, I hope for more films like Wreck-It Ralph and a return of films like The Last Starfighter

    • by Mackenzie Lambert


      After the numerous video game-related films like Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, and Double Dragon that were utter disasters, I’m cynical when Hollywood makes a movie involving video games or a movie is based on a noted property. Once in a while, Hollywood will surprise me with a movie that is actually flattering to the technical hobby. Hopefully, this will lead to more films following suit.

      Ralph (John C. Reilly) is in a state of dissatisfaction with his life. For the past few decades, he’s been the bad guy of his video game. He is constantly defeated by the game’s hero, Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer). After an argument with the other characters in the game, he exits the game and looks to make himself a hero in another video game.

      He checks out the game, Hero’s Duty – a mix of Halo with the Sega classic Virtua Cop. He quickly

      sees how far video games have come graphically and realizes he is way over his head. He’s under the leadership of Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch), he makes his way through the alien insects and eventually reaches the end of the game, winning a medal and becoming a hero. Unknown to him, an alien latches itself to Ralph and exits the game with him.

      Ralph finds his way to Sugar Rush, a blend of Super Mario Kart and Candy Land. He meets Vanellope, who is often the target of bullying by the other characters, even being banned from racing by King Candy. Vanellope gains possession of the medal, and uses it to get Ralph to help her prep for racing. All the while, Calhoun and Fix-It Felix search for Ralph as well as the alien that escaped.

      When the first trailer came out, one could have guessed that Wreck-It Ralph would be the video game equivalent to the classic cartoons motif of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? To see all these different video game characters from different companies and consoles was a sight to behold. The orange ghost from Pac-Man, Clyde, runs a villainy acceptance group that has members like Bowser, Cyril (the axe-wielding zombie from House of the Dead), Kano, and M. Bison. Sonic the Hedgehog, Ryu, and the bartender from Tapper make cameo appearances. Long-time video gamers will know of the gaming iconography from Super Mario Bros., Pong, and Metal Gear Solid.

      In the film itself, the character cameos make up a quarter of the running time. These were meant to draw viewers into the world and then let the main characters carry the film. Thanks to great writing and well-developed characters, they hold the attention of the audience and tell an entertaining story. The group of Ralph, Felix,

      • Wreck-It Ralph, movie (2012)
      Calhoun, and Vanellope are more than able to keep viewers watching.

      John C. Reilly gives Ralph a lot of heart and you really fell for his character’s plight. He’s in a situation that any adult can empathize with. The repetition of his life has finally gotten to him, much like Peter Gibbons from Office Space.

      Presenting a cleaner version of her usual routine, Sarah Silverman provides an amusing, if not annoying, sidekick for Ralph to work off of. As we learn more about her, we learn to appreciate her character and her motive. I’ll admit that her later scenes almost got me to tear up.

      The secondary cast works well with O’Reilly and Silverman. Jack McBrayer has his moments as Fix-It Felix. Jane Lynch presents a strong female hero that is often lacking in many video games, so much so that I would love to see her get her own spin-off

      film. Alan Tudyk is hilarious as King Candy. Listen closely and you’ll recognize the voices of Ed O’Neill, Horatio Sanz, Adam Carolla, and Maurice LaMarche.

      The CGI worlds created by Disney are stunning. The retro style of the Wreck-It Ralph game is a nice contrast to the edgy contemporary look of Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush. The characters themselves are very expressive and not jerky like other animated films. A lot of love went into this film, and it shows.

      After all the disrespect video games have received in films, Wreck-It Ralph is all the more special of a feat. Despite the cheap shots in Gamer and the blatant moneygrabbers like the live action Resident Evil films, I hope for more films like Wreck-It Ralph and a return of films like The Last Starfighter. This is a major step in the right direction for films related to video games.

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