The Wolverine 2013 Movie
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  • Not what you would expect and not what you would hope it to be, but the movie is far from a failure and from It didn't work

    • by Svetoslav Bogdanov


      I saw the long-awaited solo movie “The Wolverine”. After the mixed feelings regarding the previous Wolverine installment “X - Men Origins: Wolverine ” this next part is already a fact. Even in the revolutionary format 4D X! Is it worth the fourth dimension ? And the third ? And the movie film in general?

      A weak advertising campaign of an expected film about one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time is a sure sign of something gone wrong. Or maybe they hoped their iconic hero played by Hugh Jackman was popular enough for cinemas to be packed with viewers just with the very presence of the actor in his “original” role?

      “The Wolverine” is a strange movie. In no way do I think that it is bad. But just weird. It is far from the expected blockbuster and super action movie packed with spectacular effects , many mutants , battles and so

      on. If I need to compare “The Wolverine”, I would say that it is for the series “X-Men” which “Tokyo Drift” was for “Fast and Furious.” Rather different, brought to a place totally unknown until now space for the development of the action, tight and pleasant to watch. But nothing more.

      Hugh Jackman delivers the entire movie on his shoulders. His presence is a major driving force of the action. Things in “The Wolverine” happen because of him , around him, and with his participation. A typical example of an actor who deserves 100% of his paycheck, because if we saw anyone else in his place , the movie would directly fail and the results … would be really bad! A good way for chaining the viewers eyes is that over two thirds of the movie time Hugh Jackman is half naked. Known for the fact that his is perhaps the strongest marriage in Hollywood,

      the actor is an example of an exemplary man, with a stable family and children. For a man of 44 years with a stable marriage behind him, Jackman demonstrates a body and muscles, of which the majority of 20-30 year old actors can only envy.

      I’ll spare you the details of the story, you’re going to watch the movie anyway. Hiroiuki Sanada (”The Last Samurai”), makes an absolutely impersonal role. With his little screen time and the opportunities of the character, he is simply the father of the girl pursued and this is it. Tao Okamoto is doing a decent job in the role of the heiress Mariko, though she fails to shine with anything but her kisses with Logan. Svetlana Kodzhenkova ( “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”) is a real visual treasure in the role of the Viper. She is evil, cunning, graceful… and spits ….

      Undoubtedly, the second most memorable character is the newcomer Rila ...

      • The Wolverine 2013 Movie
      Fukushima, who is in the role of the redhead Yukio. She is the only other character in the movie, except Logan, that stays in your mind after its end. Young, fragile, with exceptional fighting skills and the ability of… When yo watch the movie you’ll find out what she is capable of doing!

      The story is well made. The action is reasonable and based on facts and events. The appearance of Jean Grey in the memories of Logan is unnecessary and the movie can easily do without her. The effects are good, although the idea of ​​the Silver Samurai is not sufficiently well developed as he has too little screen time and the reason for his creation stands a little… out of place.

      The 3D is rather decent. The effect of “Beyond the Screen” is absent but the movie is bright enough , the images have the necessary depth , the action is delicate and misses

      the confusing assembly for the eye, so that the 3D does not lead to health problems , after the screening!

      The 4D is sluggish. The opening scene is nicely synchronized with what is happening on the screen , but after that the effects are illogical . In the action sequences the seats shake in an unnatural way, and in the few scenes where they put scents they are very subtle. But undoubtedly the most powerful moments of 4D came from the spitting Viper that with her first release of poison “poisons” the entire cinema room and everyone starts to dry their glasses….

      “The Wolverine” is a pleasant experience. Not what you would expect and not what you would hope it to be, but the movie is far from a failure and from “It didn’t work!” You should give it a chance. If nothing else, at least the ladies would watch for 2 hours with 3D glasses the half-naked Hugh Jackman.

George Secen says :

re : Not what you would expect and not what you would hope it to be, but the movie is far from a failure and from It didn’t work
I agree that the movie was a failure. In comparison to other super-hero action movies it was not very good. The story line lacked creativity and it was somewhat boring. All of the other X-Men movies were better. They all kind of connected to one another. However, this Wolverine wasn’t related to other X-Men movies and was disappointing.
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