39 Clues (Book Series)
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  • They did a rather amazing job of keeping the same basic tone and feel to the series however it was easy to see how each writers style shone through
  • This, in my opinion, draws in us readers who were already fans of people such as Gordon Korman, Margart Peterson Haddix and Rick Riordan

    • by Isadora Night


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      The 39 Clues series is a co written book series - each book no bigger than 200 - 300 pages or so with large print written by various popular writers taking turns such as Rick Riordan (author of Percy Jackson demigod series), Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Patrick Carman, Linda Sue Park, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Roland Smith, David Baldacci , Jeff Hirsch and Natalie Standiford. The series in short is about the adventures of Dan and Amy Cahill who go on a worldwide adventure as they race other family members to a hidden treasure that is buried in their family history.

      Despite the fact that each book of the series was written by different writers it was extremely hard to tell the difference. They did a rather amazing job of keeping the same basic tone and feel to the series however it was easy to see how each writers style shone through. This was done more so in the events and the way they played out

      then the writing itself. For instance when Gordon Korman was the writer you knew to expect a lot of twist and turns and a few breathtaking cliff hangers. Whereas Peter Lerangis was more stable, not so much into forshadowing. I felt this method of writing (various writers co writing) allowed for us to see plot twist like no other. Because there were so many different styles (seen through the events) what we would originally expect to happen would be completely twisted into something we could have never imagined. By this I mean unlike with other stories written by one author - having so many authors working together disallowed us from getting familiar with the patterns in the writing of each author and therefore be unable to predict the events to come like we would be able to do if we read a series written by a single author if we were familiar with other unrelated books of the writer. Similar to the way everyone knows that
      no matter what happens throughout the stories in the many books of the Fear Street series (written by RL Stine) we always know the endings would not only be surprising but also jaw dropping to the point of having to read it several times because of our surprise. Through this we are able to see the real weight of how well this co writing allowed for a whole new level of suspense and surprise to be put into the 39 clues series.

      The tendencies and inspirations of each other also show through in the plot of this story. This, in my opinion, draws in us readers who were already fans of people such as Gordon Korman, Margart Peterson Haddix and Rick Riordan. For example - this story incorporates history in such a way that the book is technically not historical fiction and yet incorporates events and information on well known historical figures (like Mozart or Benjamin Franklin) to justify things in the series (such as such ...

      • 39 Clues (Book Series)
      and such historical person was apart of this or that family clan and therefore is the key to one of the clues). This plot theme is something that is often time used in both Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson Series) and Margaret Peterson Haddix ( Missing Series ). The four families also found in the story alludes again to Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson) and reminds me alot of the Charlie Bone series and Harry Potter series that uses four families (groups, clans etc) to separate a larger entity. Likewise Gordon Korman is known for using the treachery and friendship of survival in nearly all his books in a way that really draws you right into the minds of the characters. (Such as his Dive Series, Everest Series and Island Series) which is heavily used throughout the series.

      The plot, as I said before, was full of suspense and action. Amy and Dan Cahill are children in the game and the main characters of the series. Their life being

      overseen by their nanny. The fact that they are children competing with mostly adults (who had children) allowed for a almost double game to take place. Good children vs bad children. villain adults vs good adults. Funnily enough it seemed, as the series went on, that the children began to work against the parents. I say this because it was almost as if the guilty conscious of all the children - through the back stabbing, near deaths among other things caused them to come closer together whereas the adults (both good and bad with the exception of one or two) became consumed with the greed of winning the game, became all villainous, growing more cruel in their sly technique. Eventually it went from family vs family to children vs adults. This switch was something I have rarely seen before in this form. This disagreement seemed to be more so in rebellion of the children who refused to harm the other children and adults dispute the order of their parents.

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