Herbycin Cough Syrup Expectorant

    • by ibizaspain

      Living in the tropics can be really irritating. You have to endure the warm weather, sudden change in weather and sometimes the massive downpour. These series of meteorological conditions can affect your health in a bad way. I of one have experience on-and-off cough and it alarmed me. I think pollution also has contributed it in a way. This experience led me to find a cure wherein it is not too hazardous to my body.

      The common cough syrup in the market may not be harmful to your body but if you frequent it, there is an adverse effect that you will experience. That is why I wanted a more natural cure, something which is derived from plants because it has been famous now that people are resorting to natural-sourced products. While was checking the pharmacy, I discovered Herbycin, it is a cough syrup sourced from Oregano. I immediately purchased it and started drinking it based on the given prescription on the label.

      The product contains a free measuring cup so it makes it very convenient for anyone who wants to drink it. Let me start with the taste. Most cough syrup especially if sourced from plants like Lagundi gives off that awful green bitter taste. It is like tasting grass directly or plants. I tried Lagundi, the unflavored one and it was really unappealing.

      • Herbycin Cough Syrup Expectorant
      I was so happy that Herbycin tastes good. It has the obvious taste of Oregano however it has this cool menthol taste too. It was delicious and I did not have a hard time whenever I have to drink it.

      As to its effectiveness, it is very good and can really dissolve, expel and relieve you from dry cough. I was in a middle of a very dry cough when I started using this. And

      after I drunk the medicine 3 times, I experienced its effect. My cough was not as dry. It easily expels phlegm whenever you cough. Then it loosens your throat from the dryness or the itch brought by the cough. Then after four days of religiously drinking this medicine every 4 hours, my cough was gone. I find this product effective very cheap too. It is also safe because it is all natural, sourced from Oregano.

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