Hunger Games - Catching Fire, movie

    • by Amberly Bernal

      I am an avid reader and I love to go to movies of books that I have read. I have a really bad habit of saying “they got it wrong” throughout the entire movie. My husband is not a reader and goes to these movies with a different point a view. We also watch the same movies for very different reasons. He has willingly gone to see Twilight for the fight scenes and I go for the story. I also go so I can tell him how wrong they got it, that the book was so much better and I can’t believe they did that! This time my husband planned for us to go see Catching Fire. While I enjoyed the first installment of The Hunger Games immensely I was extremely hesitant to watch Catching Fire. Spoiler Alert from here on out so proceed with caution.

      Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen, the first ever co-winner of The Hunger Games. As we return to District 12 you see Lawrence’s character acting has not evolved much past

      the first film. She plays a stubborn teenager to the tee but it is difficult to see her grow. She attempts to no avail to show character growth but this is extremely difficult as the writing of her character tries desperately to show her as a flawed heroine who is difficult to love. The only problem is that the audience loves her for all of her flaws.

      Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta, the terribly incapable hero who is in love with Katniss and by luck made it through the last set of games. When it comes down to the story line his heroism occurs off screen. It is in the secret plans that he becomes the hero. I am sceptical to how he is going to fulfill his increasingly versatile roll throughout the next films. His love for Katniss comes across as a hurt puppy dog for the majority of the movie.

      I am a huge fan of Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, the aging mentor who drowns his memories in alcohol. He really has embraced the

      character. I think in Catching Fire, the amount that Katniss cares for Haymitch is completely missed. She has taken over making sure he is cared for and is a huge provider of his alcohol. Harrelson plays a minor but effective role in the film. His reserved emotion for the two lead characters is outstanding.

      Donald Sutherland as President Coriolanus Snow is so real I could smell the blood on his breath. His disdain for the young heroine is apparent throughout the movie. I was mesmerized by the roughness of his beard and could not understand a person of the Capital not maintaining his appearance better.

      Elizabeth Banks a Effie Trinket is amazing. Effies character struggles to maintain appearances while she is breaking down. This is clearly evident on screen through the layers of makeup and fake smiles. She had me tearing up way before the climax of the film.

      I was not expecting Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee was unassuming and blended into the cast. I was disappointed as I waited for the party scene ...

      • Hunger Games - Catching Fire, movie
      where he shows his hand to an unassuming Katniss.

      The plot is outstanding and left me sighing with relief at every turn. I felt myself shaking as Effie read the names announcing the tributes from District 12. I clapped and almost cheered out loud with the audience in the Capital as I watched Flavius introduce Katniss and her wedding dress erupts in fire. I wanted to scream when Cinna was being beat as Katniss was sent up the tube for the games to begin. Every second was timed perfectly. Then we get to the games. Each and every moment was intense. Knowing that Johanna, played brilliantly by Jenna Malone was on the side of good did nothing to reduce the suspense. I feared each minute they were in the games.

      I waited for the clock design within the game dome to be discovered. It was a crucial part of the story line and I anticipated it greatly. The discovery of the clock by the characters in the movie was anti-climactic for me. I waited while their

      plan came into view. The scene that I would expect to be the most intense was a huge disappointment.

      Here is the true test of the book to movie translation. I knew what was coming and I was surprised again and again. I have to say they got it right. The only true flaw of the movie was the Twilight Breaking Dawn ending. It almost seems as the scenes between the two movies could have been shot simultaneously.

      I give Catching Fire a rating of an 8. The movie was a great adaptation of the book and is probably one of the best I have seen. The quality of actors in this film is outstanding. The plot is intense and left me wanting more. What prevents it from being a 9 or 10 is the confusion that it leaves non-readers with. I had to explain several parts of the plot to my husband so he could understand what was going on. I recommend this movie, but I highly recommend reading the book in advance.

Traceh says :

I loved this movie, I preferred it to the book. I found the book to be a bit long drawn out whereas the movie had just the right amount of information.
Quis says :

re : I am an avid reader and I love to go to movies of books that I have read
After reading the book and seeing the movie its so much fun to compare to your own imagination. Its rare the movie even meets. Or let me know how you feel?
PJ Quintos says :

Love all these movies, all four of them in the series, I spent lots of money watching them on IMAX, 3-D, and over and over. They are so good, Jennifer Lawrence is simply a great actress, the next Merryl Streep
Casp says :

I agree with you. The costumes were stunning
IC Dugan says :

I agree about your opinion of the book being better. First off, they never mentioned Katniss hearing loss and how it was repaired. Also, the part where Plutarch would show off his watch with the mockingjay is no where to be seen. But i really love the part where the clothes especially the wedding dress made by cinna is shown off But I wish for them to do better.
Dave Allen says :

Hello, I have two pre-teen kids a girl aged 13 and a boy aged 13. They both want to see the next hunger games but my wife feels that they are too young to have seen the first one and is upset that i allowed it, what is the rating on this movie? Is it safe for preteens to watch?
Amberly Bernal replies :

Thank you for reading my review. It is a PG13 rated movie. It is a very personal decision on whether your child should watch the movie. I would allow my children to watch. EnjoY the movie
Moe says :

I completely agree with your review. The books were a great read but the movies often left out certain tid bits that the book had and dragged on a bit too much for me. I hope`The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 1′ turns this mess around.
Alyssa baker says :

re : I am an avid reader and I love to go to movies of books that I have read
I think if you show a particular love and enjoyment for a book, when it is then transformed into a film there is always the question of` Will it be as good as the book? In modern day it is FAR more likely for someone to watch he the film instead of read the book, something I’d particularly like to see more of is a film then turned into a book, it would be interesting to see how the author explains scenes and the visual display in description.Another factor is that the image you create in your head from reading may then be wiped out by the film makers, meaning that when you re-read the book you no longer have the image you once created by yourself and simply your imagination.
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