Guess Night Perfume For Men

    • by ibizaspain

      This is a new scent from Guess. I never tried using Guess scent because I thought that this brand has poor longevity. I always go for other brands and I have been consistent all these years. Just recently, this product appealed to me because of its alluring packaging and concept. It is marketed for the younger audience–the age 18 to 24. The print ad is very modern and has this party-like concept. I like scents which are

      for the younger demographic because it is refreshing. Since this is “for men”, the color is blue. It has a stylish flacon but not so appealing for me. This is classified as “woody”.

      The opening was something citrusy, with hints of pepper. There is a third note which is elemi which did not really surfaced. Then the scent segued to woody nuance with vetiver and oak moss and it also highlighted a slight rosy smell. However, I can still feel the energizing lemon twist amidst all of these. Then comes labdanum which is leathery at times but humid for me. Then it has vanilla for the base notes albeit I did not feel it entirely.

      The scent was a blast when it opened. It has this impressive smell which is really youthful. It also has enough lemony hints which makes it relevant. I think this is what makes the scent modern and aimed at the ...

      • Guess Night Perfume For Men
      younger audience. I also want something refreshing when it is for the youth demographic because it is what suits them. I think you don’t let them wear leather or oriental spicy because it is too serious and old-fashion. Thus the very zesty opening was good and appropriate. The kick was attributed to pepper and hints of labdanum which makes it masculine. The overbearing smell of woody texture was there and it lasted for a while.


      think what makes this scent unique is the interesting drift from energizing scent of lemon to the woody smell littered till the end. The quality of the lemony smell is appealing because it is very sweet. I was able to sense geranium clinging in the background. Then the deep and humid smell of labdanum stirred the ending. It is modern and masculine. The downside is the longevity. I hope it was still powerful till five hours after.

Trayon Thomas says :

The fragrance of Guess Night Perfume is Extravagant. I have been using Guess Night Perfume for men for about two weeks now and I’m not going back. The small of this cologne made every woman I hug fall in love. Women will definitely fall for you when you spray this tantalizing fragrance on your body. Guess Cologne is already appealing to me but this new one will make you use it everyday. It is really a fantastic cologne and I would tell my friends about it too.
Mohammad Azhar Tandih says :

re : I like scents which are for the younger demographic because it is refreshing
I agree on that.
Andrew Leither says :

I have never heard of this particular perfume but thank you for the review. I am a thin person and I sweat a lot and it’s upsetting when people tell you that you stink and need to go and bath. I have tried countless perfumes but I was most certainly give this one a go and see what happens. I trust this review I am going to purchase this tomorrrow
ReadingBug says :

I’m sorry people have been unkind to you due your excessive sweating. I wouldn’t suggest using cologne to mask the sweating odor because it will only make it worse. You have a real medical condition which can be treated a few different ways: clinical antiperspirants which can be used either under the arms or the entire body, or you can get Botox injections. Botox is used prevent wrinkles and other medical conditions, and it is also used to treat excessive sweating as well. The clinical antiperspirants are available on store shelves, or you can get prescription for it. You could undergo surgery, but I wouldn’t recommend it as your first option.
Albina says :

very good perfume,want to buy husband
Fathima munsheera says :

re : I never tried using Guess scent because I thought that this brand has poor longevity
Guess perfumes have an amazing scent n they are long can definitely make a good impression With such a remarkable perfume. Guess gold perfume is my favourite from the collection.
rithik mk says :

re : I never tried using Guess scent because I thought that this brand has poor longevity
that not true guess scent are good they smell good and have a reasonable price and an affordable scent with good qualilty and i love guess scents they are just awesome for people like me.the brand is not much know but it can be famous in upcoming days
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