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  • Its remarkable vision, filled with spectacular scenes will probably often make you forget about its disadvantages, as it did for me
  • I believe that Crysis 3 still has its strong points
  • I think, however, that Crytek focus more on vision than on gameplay

    • by Svetoslav Bogdanov


      Do not judge a book by its covers. I am beginning to realize with every day that this saying is true. In terms of its appearance Crysis 3 is outstanding. I can quite safely call it one of the most beautiful games I have ever come across. With each next page, however, things begin to lose their luster. Besides the book is not very thick.

      Crysis 3 does not start particularly impacting. The story in it develops twenty years after the events of the original game, and you’re the Prophet - the same one who gave the nanosuit to Alcatraz in Crysis 2. But now ( spoiler for those who have not played the second game to the end) their minds are one. So far so good. But what has happened in recent years? In most cases I had to guess or deal with the text or audio logs in the game. I don’t think that it is so bad. At least, the sound recordings, however, should have made me hang on the menu like an idiot.

      Suddenly, as soon as you exit the first rainy depressing level, supplemented by a number of narrow corridors, and see what has become of New York you will literally open your mouth in stupor. Crytek managed to skillfully woven into one both flora and an urban environment. All this is under giant domes that remind me of the Stephen King novel “Under the Dome”, the adaptation of which will be seen

      on the small screen after a few months. What is the function of these domes? The official version of CELL is - to protect the population from the remnants of the forces of Ceph. In reality, however, she just wants to establish a monopoly on the alien technology. It turns out that things are not great at all. Your friend Psycho will tell you that the corrupt corporation CELL has used the technology of Ceph, to generate free and never ending energy. But they have established a monopoly over it which turns people into debtors. Those who can not pay are sent to “volunteer camps.” This is where are formed the first rebel forces, who subsequently release Psycho.

      So Prophet and Psycho decide it was time to fight the CELL and their desire to establish global domination. The thought of the so called Alpha Ceph alien, however, whit which will come the end of the world does not cease to haunt you all of the time…

      Now the gameplay is almost nothing new under the sun. Those people who have played Crysis 2, will immediately feel at home. It’s obvious that Crytek did not dare to deviate too much from the already working formula. It is noteworthy, however, that the authors have tried to return to their roots and make the game a little more “open”, like the first Crysis. The key word here is “little.” It’s just that this time, the “Arenas” of the second part are

      a little bigger, which in no way can be compared to the giant world of the first part.

      And the game will throw you in a series of disparate places, each of which has its own primary and secondary tasks. They, of course, are populated with CELL soldiers and a handful of aliens. How would you go through them - with stealth or brute force - it depends entirely on you. In this line of thought - it is worth mentioning the fact that unlike Crysis 2, in which the viewfinder showed all possible alternative approaches to a given situation, Crysis 3 makes you explore the area to find them yourself. Very quickly, however, you will realize that the gameplay remains virtually unchanged until the very end, which comes more or less after 5 or 6 hours. Yes, the game is painfully short.

      Its remarkable vision, filled with spectacular scenes will probably often make you forget about its disadvantages, as it did for me. But they are there, as much as I do not want to admit it. The storyline is mediocre, and the levels do not glitter with a special design and are filled with opponents who you can eat for breakfast. Adding a bow unbalances the gameplay too much. If before each shot in the mode Cloak it made you visible, this rule does not apply to the bow. At first I’m sure that the idea will seem wonderful to you. Later, however, you will realize ...

      • Crysis 3 Game
      that there is almost no point to use other weapons. The AI ??also does not have anything that impressive. If you kill someone, it is sufficient to hide and wait for his friend to see what happened. Then kill him as well. At other times the AI suddenly shows unexpected abilities and it notices you from afar, even if only you showed your head briefly. Yes, a little later, Crysis 3 will try to force you to use your other skills, like the nanosuit, not only the Stealth. However, as it became clear the game is painfully short and will eventually leave you with only one thought - “What kind of potential has been wasted?!”

      I believe that Crysis 3 still has its strong points. The visual style, combining vegetation and a city is unprecedented and the constantly adaptable to the action soundtrack - beautiful. While I may have already seen most weapons in Crysis 2, dealing with each of them is unique in itself. Their customizations, like that of the almost unchanged nanosuit, is also detailed. Even the speed with which to pull the string of the bow can be improved. Not that there’s a specific reason to do so. Although it unbalances the gameplay, using the bow also has its strong moments. It is equipped with a variety of ammunitions - from standard arrows to such that explode in the air and harass enemies in disguise, to electrical ones that fry them in the water.

      If CELL soldiers do not provide much challenge, the Ceph will you make relatively more often to adapt the style of your gameplay. This time, the variety of aliens is slightly larger, and some require a more specific tactical approach - such as to attack them from behind.

      If the singleplayer campaign has left a bitter taste in your mouth, you can always try the multiplayer. The new Hunter mode, in which a team of players with invisible nanosuits and a bow must hunt ordinary soldiers. If the hunter kills another fighter the latter becomes a hunter. In other words - the number of Hunters constantly grows. The soldiers, however, are not completely helpless and can use technology that interferes with the nanosuit and makes the hunters visible. While playing this mode what imediately came to my mind was the first “Predator” movie.

      Overall - my opinion is that Crysis 3 is not a bad game and sometimes provides some truly memorable moments. I think, however, that Crytek focus more on vision than on gameplay. Consequently, the end result is here - a short campaign, amazing graphics and gameplay, that I think with almost nothing stands out from the mass of other shooters on the gaming market.

      Minimum System Operating Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, DirectX 11 graphics card with 1Gb Video RAM, Dual core CPU, 2GB Memory (3GB on Vista) Recommended System Operating Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM, Quad core CPU, 4GB Memory

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