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  • The main character is an alien that looks exactly like a human, but has two hearts, a few dozen brains compact in his head, travels through time and space in his blue police box called the TARDIS, but the best thing has yet to come, he saves people and regenerated in case that he is wounded

    • by Stefan Gorneanu

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      Let me tell you about the best T.V. series that has ever existed. First of all, Doctor Who is, as you could call it, ancient. It is either one of the first or actually the first science fiction series of all time. The main character is an alien that looks exactly like a human, but has two hearts, a few dozen brains compact in his head, travels through time and space in his blue police box called the TARDIS, but the best thing has yet to come, he saves people and regenerated in case that he is wounded.

      So far in the series, including the original ones, we have seen eleven doctors and a lot of companions,but in this special episode, two more were added to the list.I would genuinely love to tell you all that happened but I don’t want to give so many ’spoilers’ so I’ll refrain from the whole action, even though I can’t promise. This episode has been the best episode that this series has had, I mean I genuinely loved it and I caught a tear, maybe two rolling down my cheek as this incredible man showed us what he’s made of, but not only as one version of himself,

      because that wouldn’t be enough, but as three versions. Three remarkable people that each had the same history but a distinct personality, which only added to the tension that was made throughout the episode.

      Okay, it lasted around an hour and ten minutes, considering it was the special episode and many things were complicated and you couldn’t make sense of them at the beginning, but by the end you got to realize what all of those things meant and how they all worked. It just brought the best Doctor Who feeling that one could get. The presence of Billie Piper as a destroying weapon, but that went under the name of Bad Wolf left me in shock, but not only me, the Tenth Doctor as well. We have learned so many things in this episode, like the fact that Gallifreyans do have 3d paintings, which basically consist of you turning around and seeing the scenery, which I loved, but that isn’t what I’m trying to get at so I’ll just move on to the biggest event.

      THE DOCTOR! The most brilliant man in time and space who has saved numerous civilizations and people started off by killing his own kind, which seemed necessary, and it changed him, it made him feel pain and remorse and guilt for the rest of time. That’s until ‘Bad Wolf’ and Donna and all the other companions came along and changed him, they showed him that he could do better, that he could be better and that things didn’t really need to be set in stone. At one moment, the three doctors wanted to push the button together, but Clara then talked with Eleven and said that each of them represented something. The one that killed Gallifrey was ‘The Warrior’ , Ten was ‘The Hero’, but Eleven, he was something else, he was special to her and what he did best was ‘Being The Doctor’. The scene was heartwarming, moment in which all of them realized just how much they have been wrong and how they could have fixed everything in a whole different way.

      So that’s what they did, they became the Doctor. They moved Gallifrey and locked it in a single moment in time, letting the Daleks fight themselves to death in the crossfire. It was the second best moment in the episode, as all of the doctors presented themselves and said “You could say we have been doing this our whole life, all ...

      • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary [The Day of the Doctor]
      twelve of use.”. But then another voice appeared, a distinct voice that we haven’t heard before, a voice that we are going to have to get used to really soon, saying “No, thirteen .”. The thirteenth Doctor, which is going to be played by Peter Capaldi made a small appearance in this episode, one that made us all squeal like little girls.

      All was done and Gallifrey was saved when all the three Doctor chatted about what happened and how they would forget, at least two of them, Eleven being the exception. They talked about the title of the painting at the beginning of the episode, which apparently had two titles “Gallifrey falls.” and “No more.”. Well, that was the most brilliant thing that I have ever seen in a series, because after Ten and the youngest Doctor left, Clara entering the phone booth of the Elevent, the Curator came to the Doctor and talked to him about the painting. They have all gotten it wrong, it was neither of the titles, it was the two of them combined. The title said “Gallifrey falls no more.”. At this point in the episode, I was the happiest person alive, that was for sure, as it had

      given The Doctor something to do, something to look forward to, his own quest. Which was to find Gallifrey.

      Another few moments just accentuated the differences between The Doctors. The youngest one was serious because he had yet to do an awful thing, Ten was angry at himself because he had done it and he wished he hadn’t, but the one that was hurt the most was Eleven. Even though he denied the fact that he remembered how many children he had supposedly killed, I saw that as a complete and utter lie. He did it because he was too hurt to admit to himself that he could have done such an atrocious thing, which is exactly why he changed it. Also, Ten and Eleven acted more childish and young because they wanted to let that part of their life go, while the youngest one was still in it, so he had nothing to let go of yet.

      My final verdict is that the episode was incredible and they have made another great tribute to all the doctors, to all the memories that included this wonderful man who has never stopped saving people, helping them. And he has always done what he did best, he has always been The Doctor.

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