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  • That all changed in issue number 121 of Spider-Man

    • by Gary Colin
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      In order to give proper respect to new and old Spider-Man fans, I feel it good to do a little review. Spider Man appeared on the comic book scene in the early 1960’s. Peter Parker wore nerdy eye glasses and was a photogropher for the Daily News. Harry Osborne was Peter’s best friend. Gwen Stacey was Peter’s original girl friend. Mary Jane Watson was the “red head” friend of Harry Osborne. The comic book Peter Parker had no interests in Mary Jane Watson.

      Stan Lee did to Peter Parker-Spider-Man what God did to Job. Stan Lee (the creator of Spider-Man) made Spidey’s Life A Living Hell!

      Gwen Stacey was a beautiful blonde angel.

      She loved Peter and he loved her. Yet, Peter always disappeared when problems arose. This caused Gwen to pull away from Peter. Peter couldn’t tell Gwen his identity.

      That could risk her life. So Gwen and Peter never consumated their relationship. Gwen Stacey’s father was a New York City Police Captain. Captain Stacey was killed by the arms of Doctor Octopus as the arms fanatically reached to kill the evading Spider-Man. Harry’s father, Normon Osborne was Spidey’s greatest enemy. He was the Green Goblin.

      Harry Osborne became a drug addict in the 1970’s. The Green Goblin/Norman Osborne Spider-Man/Peter Parker strife lasted a few decades. They knew each other’s hidden identiities. Stan Lee systematically killed or crazed everyone close to Peter Parker. Aunt May was still alive, Harry was alive but drugged out, Mary Jane Watson was alive, but unimportant to Peter, and the Love of his life, Gwen was still alive. That all changed in issue number 121 of Spider-Man.

      The Green Goblin kidnapped Gwen Stacey to hurt Peter Parker (Spider-Man). The Goblin flew over a high bridge. Spidey was in pursuit. The crazed Goblin dropped Gwen Stacey hoping to kill her. True to the traditional hero, Spidey caught Gwen at the last minute. “It’s ok, Gwen, I caught you.

      It’s ok. ” Spider-Man said as he held Gwen in his arms. Spider-Man’s fans knew that Stan ...

      • Spider-Man 3
      Lee was a diabolical writer. Yet none of us thought that he could be that cold. Spider-man saved Gwen’s body from crashing upon the pavement, but he could not save her from the stress and the fall. Gwen Stacey was dead.

      That monster, Stan Lee, killed off everything that had many to Peter Parker (Spider Man). Spider-Man thought he was saving Gwen by not telling her his true identity. That didn’t save her at all. Peter Parker should have found more time truly loving his woman, but it was all gone. It was gone in a few seconds of crazed hate. It’s obvious that Stan Lee attempted to redeem himself in Spider-Man 3.

      Just as that “Gwen Stacy” fell out the window, being saved by Spidey, Stan Lee apppeared looking Peter Parker in his face. No Stan, we don’t forgive you. Your conscience should still wail for that murder you committed in Spider-Man issue # 121. Over All, Spider-Man 3 was a good movie. I just wish the writers would have wasted less time teaching “morals”, and given us Spidey fans more Spidey battles, and Spidey Quick Come Backs humor. That’s the Spidey we all came to love and admire.

      Mr. Stan Lee, I give your Spider-Man 3 a BIG TEN!

      This article was written by Gary Colin. Gary Colin is author of, “Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation”. Gary Can be reached at [email protected] com

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