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  • I will be honest and say, that there was some parts where I found myself nodding off a tad bit

    • by Nitakb


      After watching the first episode of the new Sleepy Hollow series, I’ve decided that I will become a regular viewer. I literally had a week to dwell and think on the previous episode I watched and kind of connect some minor pieces. To be honest and to the point, the show is rather entertaining and is worth the watch. Now, there are a few parts in this episode that had me rubbing my chin with puzzlement. I was still in that state of confusion.

      Here are my thoughts about this episode. The parts where it was supposed to kind of ‘creep’ you out wasn’t all that creepy to me. Yes, the weird white figure of a demon with the horns is kind of spooky, especially when it pops out of nowhere

      and speaks darkly. But other than that, I was kind of sitting there bored with the graphics. I suppose with hollywood’s over use of jumpy figures, and contorting faces, I’ve become a little immune to the flash of shadows and twisted faces. I’m not saying it wouldn’t creep someone else out, but for me I wasn’t so much effected.

      The episode picks up where it the first on left off. Crane is running through the forest, at night away from the four horsemen. He’s desperately trying to get away but is grabbed by these dried looking tree branches that are somehow alive. He panics, tries to break free but fails. The tree branches pull him down into the earth, where he sees his dead wife Katrina, who’s a good witch. She tells him that he’s safe for now, and begins telling him about the next thing to come. Which is of course is another enemy.

      This is all a dream, which Crane wakes from, in the bed of a hotel room. Now with Crane being over two hundred and fifty years old, he is out of touch with the new world and all its technology and it’s modern day conveniences. I assumed that Abbie left yellow sticky notes all over the place, all over the things like the TV and coffee marker. This is where it’s comical because we witness Crane’s struggle with all the modern day conveniences. It was kind of like watching another version of George of the jungle when he first came to American with Ursula.

      The ...

      • Sleepy Hollow TV Show Episode Two: Blood Moon
      other enemy is an awakened by the white figure with ram horns is an evil witch that was burned two hundred and fifty years ago. With the help of the undead police officer (One of the characters in the first episode that was revealed to be working with the white figure with ram horns, and has his neck snapped, because he failed.) The undead witch is actually kind creepy looking because her body was burned. So she’s this skinny charcoal figure with freaky eyes and stringy hair. Her purpose is to gain back her fleshly human body. The way she does this is with a spell, and the ashes of the last Hamilton relative. Of course along the way, she kills an innocent man, by burning him alive to a crisp
      and grabbing a hole in his chest. Which I’m assuming was to take out his heart. Crane makes a connection to this signature, back to the old days of two hundred and fifty years ago to the witch that’s currently lose now.

      There’s a lot more that takes place in this episode. Things that I feel would better if watched, rather than explained. I will be honest and say, that there was some parts where I found myself nodding off a tad bit. It felt that it was dragging on, and not really going anywhere. But I managed to stay awake enough to watch the episode to the very end.

      In the end I’m confident that I will have some enjoyment out of this new TV series.

      I would recommend this to a friend.

Tiffany says :

I like the concept of Sleepy Hollow.
It is a refreshing change from all the other shows that come on around the same time throughout the week. So far it has kept my attention as well and like you, I agree that some parts leave you wondering what in the world is going on. The writers sure got creative thinking up these episodes and the characters are a great fit for the story line.
I appreciate your review and can relate to your thoughts on this one.
Cosmin says :

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from the show. I’m die-hard fan of the Burton movie so I was more than skeptical when I heard the news that they were doing a series.
I thought it was going to be flimsy, poorly done and with major plot holes since a saw a commercial and i got an idea of the whole “time travel”.
However much to my surprise I found myself actually enjoying the first episode, even though every single muscle in me wanted not to. It’s not overly complicated in any sense, however it does have that nice fresh feel to it. I like where they took the story though I would’ve preferred to have kept it in Icabod’s timeline.
Needles to say, I’ll have to agree with your review and rating. I did definitely recommend it to most of my friends :).
Lilly says :

I really liked the series, was just unhappy when there was a production break, and I had to wait to see what happened next.

I Would recommend to all supernatural type fans to watch this series.
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