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      The iPad mini is an amazing product that can be a useful device, especially on the go. I have been using my iPad mini 16gb wifi version for nearly 9 months now, so I have a very nice perspective on the pros and cons of it.

      First off, the iPad mini is a very inexpensive alternative to the original iPad, instead of paying $500 or $600 for the larger one, you can purchase one that is smaller (the iPad mini) for a relatively cheaper price. For the price of $315, it already puts itself into the game. But that is only one benefit, many other pros

      of the iPad mini can be found. Another one is its quick processor, slick design, durability, and mobility. I use my iPad mini every day for a variety of reasons, I use it for school and home. This daily use includes word possessing which I can easily do by purchasing a wireless keyboard (that can be bought on amazon for $30) as well as book reading. All of this can be done, and best of all is it rarely crashes on me (just remember not to overload it to much). What benefits me in being able to use in school every day is the design, mobility,
      and durability. It’s made in such a nice size and form I can throw it in my backpack, and not worry that it will be crushed or broken (I do have a light leather case for it though). It’s simple to keep handy, it isn’t heavy and fits easily in my hand. Overall that is just some of the benefits I have personally experienced with the iPad mini. Oh yes and by the way, it does everything a normal sized iPad does.

      Now here are a few things that I find negative about the iPad mini, Though they are few they are significant. First of all ...

      • iPad mini
      I have to complain about the camera, the iPad mini was released just last year in 2012. By this time they should, probably already have it have at least an 8 megapixel camera, and maybe even consider a flash. That is what this iPad is lacking. It has a 5 megapixel camera that is alright for cheesy quality pictures but nothing that you would desire to actually use somewhere. Next I do not like the sound quality on this iPad, I have listened to the sound on a full size iPad and the speakers are actually loud and the music sounds good. In opposition to that
      the iPad mini has horrible sound, the speaker is very quiet at the loudest and the sound is nothing near good quality. Last of all I did not like that no earphones wee provided with the purchase of the iPad. I was expecting the package to include earphones but no, I had to go buy them myself.

      Overall I enjoy using my iPad mini, I would say there are many more pros to buying this iPad than cons. Personally I like apple products more than androids. But if you are considering buying a tablet and don’t want anything to expensive then this is what to get.

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Alissy says :

I believe that the IPad mini is also a great piece of machine but defiantly very fragile, my friend had on in her bag as we were doing running someone lightly stepped on it and cracked the screen completely. To have this IPad it has to be taken proper care of as it is not the most reliable thing to trust not to break.

Dmitriy Ivanchuk replies :

Yes, it requires extra care but when you have a case it’s a great portable device.

Mary Cee says :

iPad cases are good but kind of expensive.

denez says :

It is not suitable for kids though, it break easily from my kids, one fill and it is not working any more yes

Mary Cee says :

re : The iPad mini is an amazing product that can be a useful device, especially on the go
It’s very useful and I personally like the apps available only on Apple devices.

Berkes Lidi says :

I really, really like the iPad are I think it is very good, though the phones are just as much bigger Very good

Coleen Mikin says :

re : The iPad mini is an amazing product that can be a useful device, especially on the go
Um.I really agree iPad mini is one of the needed technologies from our generation. Lots of people buy gadgets so that they she/he would not tould to other people that he/she is an old passion in things. Gadgets are one of the people need it to communicate their family and relatives or having friends at social media thats why we need gadgets like ipad mini.

Sebastian Kiil says :

re : The iPad mini is an amazing product that can be a useful device, especially on the go
iPad mini really is an amazing product who always is there for you, very light and stuff… But it don’t have THAT long battery time. Now you’re thinking "whatever I have time to charge it " But not always… Inmagion that you are on an airplain it got 100% and you have been flying in like… 6h and it says "10% left". On the website it says it got 10h of battery, but that’s actually just if you’re using it for reading an iBook with low brightness or something… If you are on YouTube or gaming it probably just will last 6h. Generally I like it. And recommend it. But a bit low battery i think…

Hope you found this helpful

Tracy says :

First off, as with any rechargeble battery, you must fully charge the battery before using the device. Then you must fully drain the battery before charging it up again. This needs to be done at least 2 or 3 times before doing any partial charges. Also, following this procedure again every month or so will keep your battery charging to full capacity. I have an iPad mini and routinely get 10 hours.

Jennifer Davis says :

Hi Tracy, that is an excellent point. Also, as crazy as this sounds, personal experience has shown me that the Ipad mini (as with many other apple products) tend to charge better with the specific charging cord made for the device. For some reason my ipad mini wont charge as well with a universal charger as compared with a specific Apple Ipad Mini charger.

Also, users should understand that the Ipad Mini (and most other tablets) will not charge if they are plugged in during use. Having the thing plugged in dose not mean that it is charging. To charge it should be left alone and all apps turned off.

Tanya says :

re : The iPad mini is an amazing product that can be a useful device, especially on the go
The mini ipad is great very light easily handle and handle great on the road just needed a microsd slot.

arda senbaklavaci says :

re : The iPad mini is an amazing product that can be a useful device, especially on the go
Yes, pad mini is the one of the best ipads. t can be look small to other pad’s but think its best pad.

Mary Cee says :

re : By this time they should, probably already have it have at least an 8 megapixel camera, and maybe even consider a flash
That’s right. 5 isn’t enough.

Mary Cee says :

re : Personally I like apple products more than androids
Apple products are great.

MFreakz says :

Apple products have higher resales values too.

I obviously would want something that fetches more when I trade it in for something else.

Mark Hewitt says :

I have received an iPad through school and have gone an entire 4 years with it.
-it’s smaller than a laptop
-plenty of fun games to play in the app store.
-battery life is able to last throughout my 7 hour school day.
-capable of keeping the attention of a toddler.
-watching videos is decent.

-Programs such as Microsoft Word are available, but have limitations in terms of formatting. The formatting will not carry over to a computer.
-The 16gb capacity is problematic. Photos are stored inefficiently, videos consume even more space, and after about a year, the device will begin to prompt you to clear out space.
-The keyboard is uncomfortable to type on.
-limited RAM capacity has caused apps to crash in the past. If your charger or cord breaks, you’re looking at a $ 30 replacement.
-comparing the price of a $ 399 Apple iPad mini with retina display, one could easily obtain a new or refurbished laptop or tablet for the same price with better specs.
-although it is smaller than a laptop, it is also more fragile.
-in order to sit and watch a video, you must either buy a stand and prop of the iPad or sit/stand directly over the iPad in order to avoid glare. You can turn up the brightness on the iPad, but the brightness of the screen is one of the biggest taxer on the battery and will drain the battery quickly, as well as heat up.
-certain videos cannot be played due to flash being unavailable. Yes, you can download a special web browser to view flash videos, but why buy a product if you can’t even use its main web browsing function?

Overall, I have found that the iPad is good for one thing: playing games. Attempting to write a full length paper is a giant pain in the neck and is frustrating. After playing a game for about half an hour or longer, the device heats up and really begins to drain the battery. A laptop/tablet/combination of the two will cost the same, has a wider range of applications and functions that are able to outperform the iPad mini. The iPad contains an processor manufactured by intel. Buying a laptop will more than likely contain a CPU manufactured by intel as well, but it is possible to buy a more advanced CPU. Laptops also have the capability of expanding the storage capacity, CPU, RAM, adding a graphics card. A laptop can stand on its own and does not need extra money invested to protect it. A laptops parts are more widely available, causing the prices to be competitive.
If I had the chance to buy a laptop, I would.
-If you’re looking for a reliant robin that does a few things well,the iPad is for you.
-If you have money to spend and don’t care about functionality or ability to get work done, the iPad is for you.
-If you already have an iPhone, there is no use in buying an iPad.
-If you’re looking to customize your device with specific hardware and learn become more tech savvy, the iPad isn’t for you.
iPad parts manufacturer:
-Processor: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., used to be intel
-RAM: produced by lowest bidder. i.e. Samsung, Micron, etc.
-Storage: Toshiba, Samsung, etc.
-Screen: Samsung
-Battery: Samsung
-Motherboard: specifications by Intel, designed by Apple, assembled by Foxconn
-Chip-set driver: Intel
-Programming language: objective c / cocoa
So basically Apple consists of the same parts as a laptop, but has a different O.S., less functionality, less customization, and less involvement.
I would do a little research into laptops before buying an iPad, or any Apple product to be honest.

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