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  • Doritos are those brand of flavor tortilla chips that are a favorite among many people
  • But in my opinion they are better than the original flavor of nacho cheese
  • I mean not only did they smell good, but they were delicious
  • I would happily recommend these chips to a friend

    • by nitakb


      Doritos are those brand of flavor tortilla chips that are a favorite among many people. There are many different varieties out there that can go almost every occasion. Every blue moon I go and browse the chip selection and see if Doritos has come out with any different flavors or combinations.

      To my amazement I came across Doritos Flamas Chips. They were in a purplish grab bag, one that made first think of their other flavor of sweet

      and spicy. But as I got closer and read the label, I realized that the ‘flamas’ is typically meant to be spicy and lime flavored doritios. This particularly made me excited because, anything chips with any sort of pepper and lime flavoring is my favorite. I have a lot of favorites when it comes to chips, but spicy and lime flavored chips are by far my favorite. So I just knew that I would enjoy these chips even before pulling opening the bag.

      Typically look just like regular original Doritios chips. The only different is the coloring of the chips is like a light reddish and the original Doritos are of course orange. But in my opinion they are better than the original flavor of nacho cheese. I mean not only did they smell good, but they were delicious. There was enough of a spicy kick to spread a little fire on my tongue.

      • Doritos Flamas Chips
      Then there was the lime flavor that was underlying the spiciness. It was finger licking good, and addicting to the very end, to the very last chip. They taste great alone, they taste great with sandwiches and wraps.

      A serving size is about eleven chips, and is a total of one hundred and forty calories with seventy being from fat. There’s two hundred milligrams of sodium, sixteen grams of carbs, no sugar and only two grams of

      protein. There’s of course monosodium glutamate, to enhance the flavor and preserve the chips freshness. There’s real lime extract and red pepper, which in turn made the chips taste the bomb.

      My only complaint is that these chip aren’t available everywhere other in some of my surrounding area gas stations and selective dollars stores. Other than that these chips have jump the top as my favorite flavor of Doritos.

      I would happily recommend these chips to a friend.

Christian Rios says :

My stomach was craving Doritos. I had went to the store and saw Doritos Flamas Chips, I quickly picked them up and went to the register. When I got home my sister and I went to the living room and opened the Doritos Flamas bag. When I put the first chip in my mouth, my taste buds loved the flavor.

I grabbed a handful of chips and offered them to my family members that were inside the house. My uncle Ricky said, “These chips are better then the Nacho Cheese Doritos.” I knew that all my family members would love these chips because they love spicy food. I would buy four packs of Doritos every two days. The Doritos tortilla chips is one of my favorite snacking item. I remember when I use to watch TV on Mondays and eat a bag of Doritos. I use to eat the nacho cheese and cool ranch flavors, but one day I decided to try a new bag of chips. I came across these chips at the corner store where I live. My friends were demanding that I try these chips, because I would love them. I had given into their demand and bought a bag of Doritos Flamas chips. The very first time I tried these chips my mouth had loved the flavor they had.

I would typically look for regular original Doritos chips. Though I know that chips are not the healthiest snack, I tend to buy and try them all the time. Im a person who likes to try different things most of the time and when my friends had demanded me to buy a bag of doritos, it was one of the best choices I had ever made. I had started to tell more people I know about the new chips I had tried at my corner store. I would wait for my mail and look to see if I had any coupons for Chips. If I did have a coupon I would go to the store and look for a bag of Doritos Flamas. I would buy as many as I could afford.

I would recommend these chips to whomever likes spicy and limon chips.
Joanna says :

Hi Chrisitian,

I love these chips too. I saw them at my local Dollar Tree a few months ago and decided that I had to have them. They were supper good.

Just a note though, have you ever tried them with chili or spicy garbanzo bean soup? They make the greatest addition. I like to add a little extra lime and go to town on them. They are absolutely delicious Yum Yum

Hope this helps


Azriel says :

Wow the packaging looked amazing and it sure is enticing. I would love to try this product especially that I love spicy chips, and this has a lime twist to it.
Sri says :

I have never had Doritos. Your review has really got my mouth watering. :-) I will surely pick it up the next time I am at the mall. Thanks so much for introducing me to this brand.
Bryce says :

anyone know what kind of pepper is used other than that love them
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