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  • Therefore, I decided to buy it to test it out

    • by H. Munn


      I have a combination skin that’s why I tend to break out a lot on the T-zone - the area from the forehead and down the nose. To make matters worse, I am an active athlete and tend to sweat a lot which leads me to have a pores blocked with dirt. What I needed was a scrub that does its work without damaging the skin.

      I have tried Neutrogena scrubs in the

      past but all they did was redden and dry my skin out. So one day, I was just product-hunting on an online store when I came across St.

      Ives Apricot Scrub. The reviews were almost completely positive and that too in their numbers.

      Therefore, I decided to buy it to test it out. To my surprise, this scrub actually works without all those discomforting after-effects! They say on the label that it is made ‘mostly’ from natural ingredients and I don’t doubt it; the combination of apricot and ground walnuts did wonders for my skin.

      Not only did the scrub left my skin feeling clean and unburdened, it did so without those red patches of irritating skin while leaving it soft and moisturized. I use just a pea-sized amount.

      Rub it between my finger tips and then massage on my face in a circular motion. I ...

      • St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
      have the 170g tube and I have been using it for over the past 4 months.

      These things sure last!

      I also found that this scrub is very easy to wash off unlike some other scrubs whose granules just stick to your skin. Plus the smell is very soothing and apricot-like and it is nothing like all those forceful chemical smells they put in scrubs.

      So to sum it up, this is the

      perfect scrub and if you want your skin to feel all nice and clean without any unwanted consequences then St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub is the way to go.

      Also, I find it pertinent to mention that St. Ives have a whole line of these apricot scrubs.

      Apart from Fresh Skin there is Timeless Skin (for renewing and firming), Naturally Clear (for blemish and blackhead control) and Sensitive Skin (gentle) scrubs. So buy whichever suits you better! I hope this review helped!

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Lee says :

I had the same problem as you…but I had been previously using Clearasil ultra. It was a disappointment to my skin -Then I had tested out St.Ives apricot scrub (Thanks to my mother) and found it far better than clearasil and the best product I could find that helped to keep my skin clean and moist It very much is a good product :)
H. Munn replies :

I agree. St. Ives have a near impeccable line of beauty products. After using a couple of them I am a believer in their effectiveness. I would gladly recommend this brand to anyone out there.
Azriel says :

I have used this once before but I have not continued on. I find this product very reliable and you can easily feel the effect just after one wash. I just did not like to use it daily because I feel that the scrub may not be good to be used daily as it has exfoliating effect that might cause my skin to become thin? However, this product is really good and have suggested to quite a few of my friends, and to use it every other day.
Rebecca Lee says :

Yes it is true that over exfoliating can cause the skin to thin. This is especially true around the eyes and lips. It also, over time, damages skins ability to regenerate its self leading to increased wrinkles.
quick note by anonymous :

I believe St.Ives use products good for the environment. If your in Ontario Dollar Ramma or is best. Shortages but they seem to always have enough. I don’t consider St.Ives costly. I love the smell of apricot so refreshing. Being in so much is not good for anyone’s skin.
St. Ives figured that out fast. I’m think you should use a,
St. Ives cleaner. Lastly St. Ives
moisturizer. I believe on the back they will tell you. It’s fine print. Always wash your hand first. Use a thin round cotton pad. Don’t want oils from our hand getting in to our pours.
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